Breakthrough in Data Security: Votiro's Unified Platform Simplifies Threat Response

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  March 07, 2024

Businesses are experiencing an unprecedented surge in data ingestion and sharing. This exponential growth in data exchange is fueled by the widespread use of various communication and collaboration tools, cloud storage systems, and customer-facing portals. This surge in data flow also brings risks, particularly concerning the security and privacy of sensitive enterprise data and personally identifiable information, or PII.

One of the primary concerns involves the inadequately secured channels through which data traverses. Many organizations utilize a plethora of platforms and applications for communication and collaboration, often without robust security measures in place. This lack of security exposes data to potential breaches and unauthorized access. The prevalence of shadow IT, where employees use unauthorized software and services, further compounds these risks by circumventing established security protocols.

The consequences of compromised data extend beyond financial losses to include regulatory non-compliance. With stringent data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA in place, organizations face legal repercussions if they fail to safeguard sensitive data adequately. The potential fines and reputational damage resulting from data breaches underscore the critical importance of implementing robust security measures.

Furthermore, the advent of generative AI introduces another layer of complexity to data management. The list just keeps getting longer by the day.

But don’t fret. Votiro recently announced the launch of its unified content security platform to provide Data Detection and Response, or DDR, combining real-time cybersecurity for data privacy and threat protection.

“Enterprises must allow safe, unstructured data to flow freely, analyze inbound files and content and adopt generative AI-enabled applications without business disruptions,” said Ravi Srinivasan, CEO at Votiro. “The convergence of threat protection and data security is critical for enterprises to be able to achieve this. With increasing regulatory compliance pressures and persistent attacks on sensitive data, there has been increased demand within the market for a unified solution.”

Votiro, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a zero trust content security company trusted by many to deliver safe and compliant files to team members, vendors and the customers that depend on them. Votiro’s defense-in-depth solution provides organizations with proactive threat prevention, real-time privacy and compliance, and actionable data insights – at scale via an open-API.

For the past decade, Votiro has focused on preventing malware and ransomware infiltration through file sanitization. The new platform builds upon these existing capabilities to safeguard data privacy as it moves within an organization.

The new capabilities of Votiro's DDR platform offer automatic detection and response to incoming file-borne threats to guarantee compliance with privacy regulations for data in-transit or utilized in generative AI applications. Additionally, they provide analytics concerning the sharing of files and data, all while adhering to zero trust principles.

The platform encompasses three main functions:

The first is real-time privacy and compliance detection and response, which identifies and safeguards PII and sensitive enterprise data, maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations.

The second is proactive threat detection and prevention, which detects known and unknown threats within incoming content before they reach the endpoint, utilizing Votiro's intelligent disarming capability to reconstruct malicious files into safe, functional ones.

The third is actionable data insights, which offers real-time, accurate analysis of suspicious file content, true-typing, macro analysis and external links. This includes analytics such as lists of employees involved in PII exchanges, types of exposed privacy information, targeted employees receiving malicious files, methods employed by threat actors, prevalent malicious file formats, common time periods for receiving suspicious files and insights into the flow of PII and files within the organization.

“Our new platform is the first in the industry to bring together threat prevention, data security and privacy controls in a zero trust data detection and response solution,” said Srinivasan. “Votiro’s zero trust DDR capabilities gives security leaders the power to safeguard sensitive data and quickly prevent threats and privacy risks – a game changer for both security operations and data security teams within the enterprise.”

Votiro is known for its scalability, speed and ability to offer open, API-based integrations with existing IT and application providers. The platform complements and seamlessly integrates with other security tools, SOCs and SIEMs.

For a free trial, visit here.

Edited by Alex Passett
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