Box Strengthens AI Play with Azure OpenAI Integration, Targets Enterprise Adoption

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  March 12, 2024

The mountains of data within companies (that seem to always get taller and taller) present both challenges and opportunities. Businesses often fight by efficiently extracting insights from this information, while simultaneously safeguarding sensitive documents and adhering to strict regulations. This intricate dance between innovation and security is particularly crucial for organizations in fields like finance, healthcare and government.

Enter the realm of AI, a tool with the potential to unlock the secrets hidden within data troves. However, concerns around security and compliance often act as a barrier to widespread enterprise adoption of AI solutions.

Luckily, the winds of change are blowing. A recent collaboration between Box, a provider of cloud content management solutions, and Microsoft aim to bridge this gap and offer a secure and effective path forward for businesses seeking to leverage the power of AI.

Box recently unveiled a new integration with Microsoft (News - Alert)'s Azure OpenAI Service, granting Box AI access to large language models (LLMs).

The collaboration builds upon a decade-long partnership between Box (News - Alert) and Microsoft. This new chapter focuses on harnessing the transformative potential of AI within the enterprise landscape. Box AI, now generally available, leverages a platform-neutral framework designed to seamlessly integrate with leading LLMs, including those offered by Azure OpenAI Service. This flexibility ensures Box AI can stay at the forefront of AI innovation by accommodating future advancements in the field.

“Our collaboration with Microsoft spans well over a decade, and has spurred innovation throughout previous technology shifts, including cloud and mobile computing,” said Ben Kus, Chief Technology Officer at Box. “Now, in this new era of AI, we are expanding our collaboration again to bring AI to enterprises without compromising data security, privacy, compliance, and governance.”

The Azure OpenAI integration essentially injects Box AI with LLMs that boost its analytical prowess. These AI models can unlock valuable insights from vast troves of data stored within Box's Content Cloud platform. The integration also allows businesses across various sectors to streamline workflows, extract critical information and make data-driven decisions.

Box has emphasized its commitment to upholding the highest standards of security, privacy and compliance throughout this integration process. This focus on security is particularly relevant for organizations operating in highly regulated industries.

By keeping strong this partnership with Microsoft, a company renowned for its robust security infrastructure, Box assures its customers that their sensitive data remains protected while leveraging the power of Azure OpenAI's LLMs. Existing collaborations between Box and Microsoft ensure adherence to strict compliance requirements like FINRA, GxP and FedRAMP. This paves the way for organizations in sectors like finance, life sciences and public administration to confidently leverage Box AI for novel AI use cases.

The Box AI and Azure OpenAI Service integration also presents a compelling value proposition for businesses across a diverse range of industries.

In financial services, AI-powered insights extraction from reports stored within Box can identify market trends, economic indicators and historical data. Box AI can then summarize key findings. In life sciences, researchers can leverage Box AI to glean insights from vast clinical trial datasets stored on Box. This can expedite data analysis and lead to a more comprehensive understanding of trial outcomes.

For public sector agencies, analyzing large volumes of citizen feedback and policy research housed within Box allows government agencies to formulate evidence-based decisions and develop effective policies. This aligns with the Biden administration's emphasis on responsible AI utilization within the public sector.

And, by utilizing Box AI to extract key information from claims reports, insurance companies can streamline claims processing, expedite turnaround times, and enhance the customer experience.

No doubt combining Box's secure content management platform with Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service allows businesses in all industries to unlock the transformative potential of AI while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance.

“We are excited to see Box leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to further enhance the Box Content Cloud,” said John Montgomery, Corporate Vice President, AI Platform, Microsoft. “This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to providing advanced, secure and trusted solutions for enterprises, empowering them to unlock the full potential of their content.”

With the recent general availability of Box AI and the Azure OpenAI integration, businesses now have a compelling option to better utilize AI within their existing content management workflows.

Edited by Alex Passett
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