Extreme Fabric: 5,000 Strong and Growing

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  March 13, 2024

Businesses continue to undergo digital transformations while demanding secure, adaptable and high-performing networks. (Traditional network infrastructures often struggle to keep pace, too.)

Here's where cloud networking comes in. Cloud networking solutions leverage the power of cloud computing to deliver scalable, automated and centrally managed networks.

Extreme Networks, renowned in the cloud networking space, offers a compelling solution:

Extreme Fabric.

Extreme Fabric is a cloud-based networking solution designed to address the challenges of today's demanding business environments. It tackles issues like scalability, security and manageability for organizations of all sizes.

Think of a network that can automatically adjust to accommodate bursts in traffic or new devices, especially while keeping everything securely isolated. That's the core idea behind Extreme Fabric. It creates a virtualized network, allowing for hyper-segmentation, which means creating secure zones for different parts of your network. This keeps sensitive data protected from unauthorized access.

Extreme Fabric also simplifies deployment and management. New devices can be automatically configured and brought online without manual intervention. Additionally, the network can be centrally managed from a single location.

Extreme Fabric aims to make networks more adaptable, secure and easier to manage, which allows businesses to focus on their core objectives rather than network headaches.

And in recent news, Extreme announced that Extreme Fabric boasts over 5,000 customers globally, including Volkswagen, Norwegian Cruise Line and Dr. Sulaiman Habib Medical Group. Extreme Fabric offers an end-to-end network solution for data centers, campuses and branches.

So, let’s take a closer look at how Extreme Fabric is utilized in real-world use cases.

At GITEX 2023, the event’s IT team at Dubai World Trade Center used Extreme Fabric’s hyper-segmentation capabilities to split the network into 3,300 secured segments in just a few hours, supporting more than 6,000 exhibitors, 180,000 guests and more than 30,000 devices simultaneously at peak hours. The result allows each exhibitor to have a private and secure network to power booth demonstrations, badge scanners and other important functions.

Dr. Sulaiman Habib Medical Group works with Extreme and its partner Cloud Solutions to deploy secure, end-to-end, Fabric-enabled networks at two new hospitals. The new healthcare facilities will rely on Extreme solutions to offer a wide range of digital services, including electronic medical records, mobile medical devices, physical security devices and access controls like those used to access prescriptions, staff workstations and other guest amenities like IPTVs in patient rooms/

Even state and local governments use Fabric to segment networks for IoT devices like body cameras for police and traffic sensors, as well as the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems that control critical civic functions like power and sewer systems, while managing everything within a single network.

“As the CIO for the City of Milwaukee, I’m responsible for supporting public safety and things that are mission-critical like 911 operations, all the way to SCADA systems for waterworks,” said David Henke, Chief Information Officer, City of Milwaukee. "The ease of support, the ease of configuration, and the flexibility that Fabric's technology provides has allowed us to maintain our operations and kept costs well under control.”

Some companies even use Fabric for zero-touch provisioning for rapid deployment.

Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky uses Fabric’s zero-touch provisioning capabilities to expedite deployments of critical learning applications and devices without disruption and leverages hyper-segmentation to keep multiple operating systems securely isolated.

The Volkswagen manufacturing facility in Poznan created a Smart Factory environment through its cloud-managed Fabric network by optimizing manufacturing processes through increased automation and security.

Furthermore, organizations use Fabric for increased automation and simplified network management.

San Diego Community College District reduced its IT team’s workload by 50% with Fabric and network solutions from Extreme. Leveraging Extreme Fabric for automatic configuration and provisioning of services as well as unified network management across all 14 SDCCD locations reduced IT team workloads by an estimated 20 hours a week.

Admiraal De Ruyter Ziekenhuis, a regional hospital in the Netherlands (with locations in Goes, Vlissingen and Zierikzee) relies on Fabric; it has done so for over a decade to support the delivery of accessible, quality care to hundreds of patients daily. Extreme Fabric gives the IT team the ability to scale the network without additional personnel or costly point solutions, and its automated segmentation and proactive network management capabilities allow ADRZ to deliver 24/7 mission-critical services to patients throughout the region.

“Network Fabric is a complete game-changer in providing customers with peace of mind through secure, simple, fast and efficient network segmentation, whether it’s securing sensitive patient information in a hospital, creating thousands of segmented networks within minutes at one of the world’s largest tradeshows or linking together disparate offices across the globe,” said Monica Kumar, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Extreme Networks (News - Alert).

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