Kyndryl, Cloudflare Expand Partnership to Unlock Multi-Cloud Potential for Enterprises

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  March 27, 2024

It’s been almost a year since Kyndryl, a technology services company specializing in infrastructure management, and Cloudflare, a cloud-based security and performance platform provider, joined forces back in May 2023. This partnership aimed to streamline the modernization process for enterprise IT infrastructure.

The collaboration focused on delivering comprehensive solutions, encompassing both network and security aspects. Kyndryl offered a managed WAN service and provided a reliable and scalable network connection for geographically dispersed offices. This service, delivered as a subscription, simplified network management for businesses.

Additionally, Cloudflare's zero trust security model was integrated into the overall network architecture. Zero trust is a security approach that continuously verifies user and device identities before granting access to resources, regardless of location. This integration aimed to enhance overall network security for enterprises.

Now, the two companies have expanded their partnership with a focus on further innovation across all technology stacks to design, build, manage and modernize customers' vital systems.

The expanded partnership will simplify how businesses connect to multiple clouds and data centers while strengthening network security.

Kyndryl's consulting services will help enterprises migrate to Cloudflare's network, improving security, application performance and data access. The collaboration also eliminates the need for expensive private network connections and simplifies IT management, freeing resources for other tasks.

Cloudflare's security solutions protect enterprise networks from various threats, while Kyndryl facilitates a smooth transition to a Zero Trust security model. And, by leveraging Cloudflare's cloud-based network, enterprises reduce their reliance on hardware and associated environmental impact. Studies show potential carbon emission reductions of 78% to 96% compared to on-premises solutions.

“Cloudflare and Kyndryl is the duo that enterprises can fully lean on to migrate their networks and innovate across the cloud,” said Matt Harrell, Global Head of Channels and Alliances at Cloudflare. “Since partnering with Kyndryl, we have been able to scale Cloudflare's services at a new level. Our global strategic alliance can support any enterprise now across their entire network stack, regardless of where they stand in their cloud journey.”

Cloudflare has even helped Kyndryl transform its network services and provide cloud cybersecurity protection, including DDoS mitigation. Cloudflare currently protects Kyndryl's internet properties, with Kyndryl operating on a self-service model including the ability to make changes seamlessly throughout the transformation without incurring additional charges.

Since adopting Cloudflare's global connectivity cloud network and security services, Kyndryl has seen a reduction in IT infrastructure costs, accelerated web traffic and increased performance for data load balancing.

“Together with Cloudflare, we are enabling enterprises to migrate to next-generation networks and capitalize on advanced cloud features to achieve greater agility and innovation,” said Paul Savill, Global Practice Leader of Network and Edge Computing at Kyndryl. "With Kyndryl's expert managed and consulting services, we will be helping our joint customers secure, streamline and simplify their IT infrastructure, all while reducing costs and improving operational efficiencies."

Kyndryl and Cloudflare again show why they are key players in helping businesses navigate multi-cloud environments with robust security and a focus on sustainability.

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