Claroty and Axonius Partner to Protect Attack Surface Across Cloud, IT and XIoT Assets

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  April 02, 2024

As more traditional IT systems converge with industrial control systems and IoT, the attack surface for cybercriminals also grows. This vast network, encompassing everything from office computers to building automation systems, is known as the Extended Internet of Things, or XIoT. And securing this ecosystem requires a multifaceted approach that not only safeguards traditional IT infrastructure but also extends to the unique vulnerabilities of CPS environments.

Enterprise Attack Surface Management, or EASM, solutions provide a centralized view of all an organization's assets, enabling them to identify and address potential security weaknesses. By continuously monitoring and analyzing this data, organizations can proactively mitigate risks and prevent cyberattacks.

However, achieving effective EASM requires expertise in both traditional IT security and the specialized domain of CPS protection. This is where the recent partnership between Claroty and Axonius comes into play. The partnership aims to provide organizations with a comprehensive solution for EASM across all their network assets.

Claroty brings its deep understanding of CPS environments to the table. This includes operational technology, IoT, building management systems and industrial IoT. Their solutions provide continuous monitoring and threat detection capabilities specific to these critical infrastructure systems.

Axonius contributes its strength in asset management with over 1,000 integrations spanning cloud environments. This allows for a unified view of all assets across IT, cloud, and XIoT domains within a single platform. Axonius goes beyond just inventory by correlating data from various security tools to provide a complete picture of an organization's security posture.

Combined, the solution fosters a more holistic approach to security. By integrating Claroty's CPS insights with Axonius's asset data, organizations gain a unified view and profile of all their assets. This enhanced visibility allows for better vulnerability profiling and attack surface exposure identification.

Furthermore, the integration facilitates automated responses by enabling the implementation of protective measures and access controls. This can involve network segmentation to limit communication paths and improve incident response efficiency.

"Together we deliver a complete and comprehensive asset inventory that powers core controls to help organizations reach a key goal for their security strategy: reduce risk,” said Mark Daggett, Vice President of Worldwide Channel Alliances at Axonius.

The Claroty-Axonius partnership ultimately helps organizations achieve cyber resilience. This means not just surviving cyberattacks but emerging stronger. By proactively managing their attack surface, organizations can confidently embrace digital transformation and leverage the benefits of XIoT while mitigating security risks associated with these advancements.

This improved security posture translates to better protection against various threats, including ransomware, supply chain attacks and insider threats.

“The combination of Claroty's unmatched vertical expertise of CPS environments, business applications and technology characteristics with Axonius' ability to provide business-level context to all assets from cloud to on-prem, creates a holistic view of all connected assets, vulnerabilities and the dynamic attack surface and exposures that is unlike any other offering on the market,” said Stephan Goldberg, Vice President of Business Development at Claroty.

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