Fastly's Bot Management Secures the Digital Edge

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  April 09, 2024

The modern digital landscape sees companies pushing the boundaries of user experience by delivering services and content directly at the network's edge. With this enhanced efficiency comes a new wave of adversaries, though.

Cybercriminals target these edge networks by launching automated attacks that lead to fraud, account takeovers and crippling denial-of-service assaults.

Recognizing this growing threat, Fastly, a provider of global edge cloud platforms, launched the Fastly Bot Management, which helps organizations combat automated bot attacks at the network edge and reduces the risk of fraud, DDoS attacks, account takeovers and other forms of online abuse.

Fastly Bot Management builds upon the company's existing expertise in bot mitigation, further strengthening its Next-Gen Web Application Firewall capabilities.

Fastly Bot Management safeguards websites, applications and valuable data from malicious bot traffic. The solution operates at the network edge, instantly classifying both benign and malicious bots. It offers a multi-layered approach that includes server-side and client-side mitigation techniques.

Designed with developer teams in mind, Fastly Bot Management prioritizes ease of use, developer-friendliness and high performance – all leveraged by the power of Fastly's Edge Cloud Platform.

A multi-layered approach automatically identifies and stops malicious bots responsible for fraudulent activity, such as account takeover and carding attacks. This helps prevent negative customer experiences, costly refunds and increased customer support demands. Additionally, edge deployment and enforcement minimize origin costs by serving traffic only to legitimate users.

Fastly's edge-based solution reduces latency and maintains application performance. Client-side features, such as challenge flows, minimize friction for legitimate users and promote higher conversion rates.

A developer-friendly console allows teams to swiftly deploy and block attacks, consolidating bot mitigation, application security and delivery services under one platform.

“Every day, bad actors, including bot operators, are looking to disrupt and fraudulently monetize ecommerce and other Internet traffic with automated attacks,” said Kip Compton, Chief Product Officer at Fastly. “With Fastly Bot Management as a unified part of our security offerings all powered by Fastly’s Edge Cloud Platform, we are helping our customers defend against these attacks with our simple-to-use single platform solution that scales to meet their website and application needs and reduces fraud risk and infrastructure costs.”

As businesses move toward richer digital experiences delivered at the network edge, so do cybercriminals. The ability to identify and stop these threats closer to their source is crucial.

Christopher Rodriguez, Security Research Director at IDC (News - Alert), applauds Fastly's decision to strengthen its bot protection on its edge cloud platform. He views this as a timely move and a natural progression of Fastly's overall cybersecurity strategy. By focusing on edge-based protection, Fastly can help organizations combat these evolving threats and safeguard their users.

Fastly Bot Management is available to all Fastly Edge Cloud Platform customers.

Edited by Alex Passett
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