New Approach by Brinqa Platform Shakes Up Proactive Threat Management

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  April 10, 2024

Traditionally, cybersecurity has been reactive, relying heavily on SOCs to identify and address threats after they've infiltrated systems. The main issue with this is that most breaches exploit known vulnerabilities for which patches already exist. Organizations must shift to a proactive cybersecurity posture as a counter measure.

The key lies in actively managing the organization's entire attack surface – the sum total of entry points for potential cyberattacks. This involves systematically identifying and prioritizing known security vulnerabilities.

Still, simply having a list isn't enough. Businesses must go a step further and meticulously assess the risk each vulnerability poses to their specific operations and data. There is a new approach to vulnerability management that enables CISOs and their teams to reduce threat exposures pre-attack across cloud, infrastructure and application security programs.

What’s the approach? The implementation of a Risk Operations Center, enabled by the Brinqa Platform.

Brinqa is a provider of proactive cybersecurity. The Brinqa Platform is a SaaS (News - Alert) solution designed for modern vulnerability management. Brinqa translates the results of security scans into actionable business insights, which means that enterprises mitigate cyber risks across their infrastructure, cloud and application security programs from a single platform. The platform’s enhancements are designed to streamline Risk Operations Center operations and expedite the realization of benefits.

“Our customers want a central hub across infrastructure, cloud, and application security,” said Amad Fida, CEO of Brinqa. “To do this, they need technology that scales to support countless security findings coming from dozens of sources across multiple security programs.” 

The updates to the platform deliver three key advantages.

First, Brinqa customers can achieve initial value significantly faster by reaching a productive state within 90 days. This is facilitated by a suite of new built-in features inspired by leading vulnerability management teams. These features encompass best-practice risk factors, integrated threat intelligence feeds, exception management workflows and pre-configured dashboards.

Second, Brinqa improves the user experience by simplifying data ingestion, organization and reporting of actionable risk insights from a centralized platform. This includes a revamped UI, a reduction in clicks required for common tasks and enhanced capabilities for administrators to organize dynamic data. This streamlined approach allows for effortless navigation and investigation of the Cyber Risk Graph through point-and-click exploration.

Third, Brinqa introduces an analytics infrastructure that empowers the Cyber Risk Graph to process massive volumes of security data from various sources in real time, providing correlated context. This paves the way for more advanced risk analytics functionalities and the integration of AI applications.

“Together with Brinqa, customers have modernized their vulnerability management programs,” said Fida. “We want future customers to mature their vulnerability management function as fast as possible, and our new capabilities will help them catch up to today’s best practices.”

For interested customers, there is a five-minute video overview.

Edited by Alex Passett
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