Red Hat and Partners Fuel AI Adoption with Open Hybrid Cloud Technologies

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  May 10, 2024

Let’s talk about Red Hat.

Red Hat (News - Alert), a provider of open source solutions (along with its extensive partner network of ISVs and global systems integrators) are vital in developing and deploying AI use cases, applications and services built on Red Hat's open hybrid cloud technologies.

ISVs are at the forefront of developing AI-powered solutions tailored to specific industry needs. Using Red Hat's open hybrid cloud platform, ISVs create applications that integrate with existing infrastructure, regardless of the underlying cloud environment. This not only streamlines development, but also guarantees applications are built on a secure and reliable foundation.

GSIs, on the other hand, bring extensive experience in system integration and managed services. Their expertise allows them to help businesses navigate the complexities of AI adoption. From infrastructure planning and deployment to ongoing support and maintenance, GSIs ensure a smooth and successful AI implementation.

As for Red Hat's open hybrid cloud platform, it offers a foundation for businesses to leverage AI across any cloud environment, data center or network edge. This flexibility is further enhanced by the expertise and certified workloads offered by Red Hat partners.

Their in-depth knowledge of platforms like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and the recently launched Red Hat OpenShift AI lets businesses develop and deploy mission-critical applications that unlock the transformative power of AI.

Several companies already benefit. For instance, telecommunications providers utilize Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, integrated with generative AI capabilities, to automate the construction, deployment and maintenance of complex network infrastructure. Financial services companies can use Red Hat's open hybrid cloud platform and partner expertise to develop a fraud detection system powered by AI. This system analyzes vast amounts of financial data in real-time to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions.

The recent launch of Red Hat OpenShift AI further strengthens the company's commitment to AI innovation. This platform, designed for AI workloads, provides a containerized environment optimized for machine learning and deep learning development and deployment. With Red Hat OpenShift AI, businesses can leverage pre-integrated tools and frameworks to streamline the AI development lifecycle, accelerating time to value.

And the success of Red Hat's approach to AI lies in its collaborative partnership model. Red Hat provides a secure, flexible and scalable platform, while its partners contribute industry-specific expertise and certified workloads. This symbiotic relationship fosters a thriving ecosystem that propels AI innovation across diverse industries.

A prime example of this collaboration is the upcoming integration between Red Hat OpenShift AI and the new EDB Postgres AI platform. This partnership will allow businesses to run transactional, analytical and AI workloads on a unified platform, from the edge of the network to the core data center.

“As an established catalyst for open source innovation, Red Hat’s partner ecosystem is equipped to bring AI use cases to life for customers across any cloud, datacenter or network edge,” Stefanie Chiras, Senior Vice President, Partner Ecosystem Success, Red Hat. “We are thrilled to see our highly skilled and diverse ecosystem of ISVs and GSIs continue to rally behind Red Hat platforms to deliver differentiated AI-enabled solutions and services to customers.”

Red Hat's commitment to open source innovation, combined with the expertise of its extensive partner network, equips them to drive the development and adoption of transformative AI solutions. This will surely only help businesses unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity and growth.

Edited by Alex Passett
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