Sustainability Made Simple: Nutanix Offers Power Monitoring for Data Center Efficiency

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  May 29, 2024

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index revealed that most organizations, around 88%, recognize the importance of sustainability and strive to be more eco-friendly. This is a positive trend, but an obstacle remains – accurately measuring and managing their IT footprint.

The challenge lies in the intricate nature of modern IT infrastructure. Gone are the days of traditional, centralized data centers. Today's setups are a hybrid mix: on-premises servers, colocation facilities and cloud services hosted by external providers. This scattered landscape creates a data visibility problem. Organizations lack a unified view of their IT resource consumption.

Look at it this way. Let's say you're trying to calculate your household electricity bill when some appliances are plugged into your own outlets, others are powered by a shared system in your apartment building, and a few are hidden away in a storage unit you rarely visit. This is essentially the challenge organizations face with their IT infrastructure.

Without accurate data, it's impossible to identify areas for improvement. Consumers of IT resources remain unaware of the environmental impact of their choices. For example, a marketing team might not realize that running a constantly churning analytics program is contributing to the company's carbon footprint.

So, taking the findings from its report, Nutanix announced new capabilities in Nutanix Cloud Platform that will deliver visibility of the power consumption of a Nutanix environment.

Nutanix offers organizations a single platform for running apps and data across clouds. With Nutanix, companies reduce complexity and simplify operations, which frees them to focus on their business outcomes.

The new updates help organizations improve sustainability planning with power consumption based on measurements from the hardware in use, updated in near-real time. Customers will visualize power metrics in their Nutanix dashboard and better understand energy utilization across their environment.

The new functionality, included in Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure, or NCI, provides more detailed information on their energy usage rather than estimations based on assumptions or “typical” consumption values.

It also builds upon recently released capabilities in Nutanix’s X-Ray benchmarking tool providing power and energy information for comparison alongside other performance metrics for real-world scenarios. This helps customers better understand the power and energy usage for specific simulated workloads and make more informed decisions based on the best available data.

“Organizations across the world have been benefiting from the server-based, webscale architecture of the Nutanix Cloud Platform to actively reduce their datacenter energy consumption,” said Thomas Cornely, Senior Vice President, Product Management at Nutanix. “This new functionality in Prism Central allows customers to visualize real time power usage metrics and report historical data in support of our customers’ sustainability goals.”

The power consumption dashboard is currently under development and is the first step to providing users of the Nutanix Cloud Platform with more information and tools to better support their sustainable IT initiatives.

Edited by Alex Passett
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