How Online Casinos Utilize Cloud-Based Game Software

How Online Casinos Utilize Cloud-Based Game Software

By Special Guest
Claus Christensen
  |  December 11, 2019

The gambling industry has changed. A lot. It’s no longer necessary to visit a traditional casino establishment to enjoy a game of Blackjack or Poker, and you don’t need to purchase a CD containing a game to play it on your computer at home. Instead, all the casino games you’ll ever want to play are available via online casinos. 

These online casino gaming platforms offer a great variety of games, intuitive controls, and a great overall experience for the player thanks to cloud-based game software.

What is the Cloud?

Cloud computing is a way of accessing information and resources without using data found on the local drive of your computer or smartphone. In simple terms, this simply means that the information you access (in this case a casino game) is taken from the Internet and not from your device. 

It is one of the most recent innovations in consumer computing and gaming, making it possible to stream information, movies, and games to computers, tablets, and smartphones in real-time. 

What is Cloud-Based Game Software?

Cloud-based gaming software is a platform that allows an online casino to host casino games for players all over the world, all at the same time. This software consists of the games that people play, as well as the system that allows people to play against computers or even against other players in real-time. 

Cloud-based game software has allowed online casinos to flourish, and there are various options available that allow these casino platforms to differentiate and offer players something unique and interesting. 

Why Cloud-Based Gaming is Better for the Players

Cloud-based gaming is better in many ways for both the player and the platform. 

For the player, cloud-based gaming is quick and easy to access. Finding their favorite game is simply a matter of loading up their preferred online casino website, and looking through the available games. Those games can be saved as bookmarks in their browser, and thanks to quick loading speeds, the games can quickly be ready and loaded. This is in quite stark contrast to the old days of computer casino gaming, which might have required the purchase of the game before installing it, and later connecting to an online chatroom.

It goes beyond convenience, too. In fact, cloud-based computing is the most secure way to gamble thanks to the many security measures put in place. From payment processors that protect customer data, to the constant feed of updates made to the system that address security flaws. Players can rest assured that the online game they play is constantly being monitored to ensure fair play and that nobody with malicious intentions exploits it. 

With the cloud, it is impossible to play an old version of a game that might have been vulnerable to hackers. 

Why the Platforms Choose Cloud Gaming

Beyond the obvious fact that no company would be able to keep up if they didn’t adopt the most recent and popular technology, online casino platforms opt for cloud gaming for the many of the same reasons customers do.

In particular, casino platforms rely on the great security of constantly-updated cloud-based gaming software, as well as the baked-in protection of the payment processors connected to it. 

Cloud-based gaming software is also sometimes managed by a third party, offsetting much of the responsibility to others who constantly perform maintenance to ensure that the games are functioning properly. 

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Unlike traditional software that requires lengthy updates or even fresh installations after purchasing updates, cloud-based gaming software just keeps getting better without all the hassle. 

Beyond security updates, cloud gaming software is constantly improved to reduce latency. This means reducing the amount of time it takes for players on the other side of the world, or indeed anywhere in the world, to see the move made by the person they’re playing against.

Cloud-based gaming also improves as wireless technology gets better, meaning online casino platforms can simply stand by and watch as the games they offer become more seamless. With the rollout of 5G technology, players who access these games on the go will experience the lowest latency ever – making the experience comparable or even better to what they’re used to over home broadband connections. 

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