Cloud Computing Trends

Cloud Computing Trends

By Special Guest
  |  June 25, 2021

Cloud computing became the main innovation that businesses relied on to enhance their performance, scalability and optimize their costs.

Cloud computing solutions have become a new way for businesses to operate online, and it also improved the functions of a lot of organizations. Otherwise, cloud-computing technology triggered innovations in many different sectors. In this article, we'll review some of the biggest trends in this field.  

Cloud Computing for Betting 

Cloud computing is also one great innovation that will revolutionize the betting sector. It actually offered a seamless betting experience for members on their go-to devices. Moreover, thanks to cloud computing technology, there are in-play betting systems integrated on betting platforms that allow members to make bets during a match and receive data in real-time about the sporting events.

 If you want to learn more about the latest offers and promotions by reputable betting sites, then you should visit a trustworthy platform like You can also learn more about the latest news in this industry, great betting tips, among many other useful resources on this site. Generally, betting sites can benefit a lot from implementing computing solutions because, as we said, it is important to be able to provide a smooth betting experience to their users. 

Cloud-Based Gaming Platforms 

Cloud computing has definitely found application in the gaming sector. With the implementation of cloud computing technologies, cloud gaming platforms became a budget-friendly option for gamers that wanted to experience the latest titles from notable brands on any device.  

In other words, thanks to cloud-based gaming platforms, gamers are able to play the latest games on the same device using the same equipment, as the servers of the provider are used to stream the content on the device of the user.

This was a big step for on-demand entertainment, and there are a lot of companies like Apple (News - Alert), Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce, Microsoft xCloud, and others who invested in cloud gaming platforms and in a vast library of titles. 

Overall, cloud gaming platforms are a great innovation that will change the landscape of gaming, especially with the integration of 5G networks because it will allow a smooth gaming experience from mobile and desktop devices for a great audience of gamers.  

AI Technology  

The latest trend is the implementation of artificial intelligence technology in order to optimize the efficiency of cloud computing. Plus, artificial intelligence technology combined with cloud computing solutions created cloud-as-a-service platforms. They offer the opportunity to many users, regardless of their budget, to access on-demand IT infrastructure, including machine learning functions. 

This means that a great number of users, including businesses, will be able to leverage the functions offered by the cloud-as-a-service platform, which will inevitably lead to the increased production and efficiency of the companies. 

Otherwise, artificial intelligence technology combined with cloud computing is the underlying technology of self-driving vehicles, smart cities, and many IoT innovations.  

Edge Computing 

This is one of the latest trends in cloud computing which is based on creating localized data centers for storage as well as computing. In addition, this solution will help relieve the load of the cloud and improve the operations of different applications that are based on the cloud. 

Also, it will solve the problem of relying on centralized networks because all of the requirements are fulfilled locally. Edge computing is also a great solution for latency issues, and it also improves the bandwidth as it stores the data locally and enhances the security of the data center.   

Workstation as a Service 

This is one of the latest cloud-based solutions that will change the sphere of remote working. Basically, a workstation as a service (also known as desktop as a service) is the virtual desktop infrastructure that is accessible to any device of the employee. More specifically, you are able to access any application or the necessary data and work from anywhere, anytime, as long as you are connected to the Internet.  

This is especially useful for employers who are on the road, or they need to have access to important data about the company from any device. It's also worth mentioning that the workstation as a service comes with all of the programs and applications necessary for the employee to complete their tasks. Overall, this technology it's very useful because it enhances the efficiency across the employees, and they get to use synchronized technology.  

Software as a Service 

This is a widely used solution that will probably find even greater application in the future. The service allows the end-user to access a host of applications offered by the provider over the Internet. Some examples include Dropbox (News - Alert), MailChimp, Google Drive, and many other applications. 

The main advantage is the user is able to access great host of applications without investing in specific equipment, new hardware and without paying substantial costs for my maintaining the system. Generally, the users are required to pay a monthly fee or, in other words, they are charged a subscription fee in order to get the services from the provider.  

Final Thoughts 

Cloud computing is one of the greatest innovations that has helped a lot of businesses to reach their business goals faster and minimize costs related to their business operations. It has numerous applications not just in the business sector but also for end-users and the public sector. In the future, we expect the technology to become more advanced and for users to be able to access customized solutions based on their individual needs.  

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