JetStream File Transfer Software - The Solution for Business

JetStream File Transfer Software - The Solution for Business

By Contributing Writer
Sam Ben
  |  March 29, 2022

Gone are the days when you would need flash disks or external hard drives to transfer large files from one computer to another. With the advent of User Datagram Protocol software, (UDP (News - Alert)) you can transfer large files from one computer to another safely and remotely over the internet. UDP is an internet-provided standard mechanism for copying files from one host to another. UDP software comes in handy in business processes that entail sending huge volumes of data internally or externally. For instance, law firms, health care companies and governments benefit hugely from these programs as they can share data securely among the involved parties.

Today, however, there are a myriad of UDP programs that finding a reliable one remains to be a daunting task. Therefore, before selecting one for your business you first need to understand its advantages and drawbacks. Common advantages of various UDP software include:

  • The ease to transfer huge and multiple data and directories
  • They are faster than TCP
  • Supported in virtually all hosts
  • There is no size limitation on single transfers
  • May resume transfer in case of lost connection etc.

On the other hand, some disadvantages may include:

  • It may be hard to script jobs
  • Not all UDP software are created equal
  • Files and Login details are sent in clear text
  • An inexperienced user can accidentally wipe out all data
  • TLS 1.2 may not always be supported over HTTPS, and more

With this and more knowledge at hand, you proceed to choose a program for transferring huge volumes of data that suits your needs. If you want reliable UDP software for your business, JetStream has a competitive edge over the rest.

About JetStream File Transfer Software

This program is arguably the most reliable and easy-to-use software for large file transfer. It also is the quickest compared to its competitors the world over. The program is built for simplicity and power and lets you transfer data speedily. It is enterprise reliable and guarantees high security.

Not only can you transfer files with blazing speeds, but also its evolving technology now lets you send much bigger files. Companies love it as they can securely and quickly send large data to connect their teams and clients faster.

How to Choose the Best UDP Program for Your Business

Here is what you should look for when picking an excellent file transfer software for your business.

  • High-Level Security

JetStream comes with built-in security features that provide full security to your data through tokenization, user authentication, and transfer-level encryption.  JetStream’s security layer guarantees data integrity, confidentiality, packet replay protection to name a few.

  • The end-to-end encryption lets the sender and recipient see transfer data
  • Industry-standard encryption such as SSL (TLSV1.2 or 1.3) for server connection and AES 256 for file transfer
  • Restricts user activity to specific folders and resources
  • Machine validation improves connectivity security
  • Support for Relay configuration to minimize your computer’s connectivity to the internet
  • Supports the existing domain details with user authentication using Active Directory (AD, ADS, LDAP(S) or database

Though it comes with the most secure default setting, you can still alter them as per your preference.

  • User Friendliness

When you need to send huge volumes of files urgently, time is of the essence and thus you need file transfer software that is easy to use to get the work done. Always choose software with an intuitive design.

JetStream’s simplified design requires no training if at all, because it is only a drag and drop software or you can equally use the Watch Folder Automation. It has a modern and useful dashboard for monitoring the transfer activity. In any case, you can easily change the transfer priority if necessary.

Most businesses will find it fun and economical as well as it neither requires intrusive installation nor technicians to maintain it. This program also uses the existing network details hence you don’t have to set up accounts each time you want to add more users. As a result, there is high efficiency as all users can be set up with the existing network credentials. Third-party users can as well be added in a split second using the secure token link.

  • High-Speed Transfers

You need file transfer software that transfers huge files faster so that your teams can spend less time waiting for transfers to complete. High speeds also ensure your teams can quickly focus on other important activities and produce results. JetStream is not only resilient to high latency and weak internet connections, but it is also up to 100 times faster compared to TCP.

With TCP there is back and forth communication between both users, however, JetStream lets you take full advantage of the available bandwidth as it eliminates latency. This sees that you both upload and download huge files quickly. It lets you use 100% of your network capacity, unlike RSYNC or SCP.

Who Needs JetStream UDP Software?

JetStream file transfer software is your UDP program of choice, whether you are running a small business or government. For instance, the media and entertainment industry find it useful when moving digital assets for television and film production, post-production, content creation, and more.

The healthcare and life sciences industry on the other hand use it for research data and when working with patients. The manufacturing sector needs it as well to move large data sets while governments find it useful when moving private information from, and to various locations.

JetStream is Built for Integration

This file transfer software, unlike the rest, is built for integration, and comes with open APIs, at absolutely nix. It lets you programmatically copy large files between its servers or integrate them as part of your existing workflow letting your IT team focus on the most important tasks while the transfer is happening in the background.

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