Best Linux Hosting Providers in 2022 | Know Before Purchasing New Hosting

Best Linux Hosting Providers in 2022 | Know Before Purchasing New Hosting

By Contributing Writer
Shan Ge
  |  June 07, 2022

In the modern world, there's no living without the internet. Whether you want it or not, the web is entangled in your life.

We use web pages daily, but have you ever wondered how they're made available to you? How do the companies publish their websites so their content is broadcasted to billions of people worldwide?

The answer to your queries is simple. Web hosting.

Web hosting is a facility that helps to publish and host a website on the internet. Nowadays, there are many options available when it comes to web hosting services.

One widely used form of web hosting is Linux Hosting. Programmers and developers specifically prefer it.

If you are not aware of Linux hosting, don't worry. This article will get to know more about Linux hosting, its advantages, and the best Linux VPS hosting providers available for you.

If you're interested in finding a hosting service for your website, read this article to find out the top Linux hosting services you can choose from!

What is Linux Hosting?

Before we get into any other topic, let's see what Linux hosting actually is. Linux Hosting is a type of web hosting that is done on Linux based server.

Linux is a free, open-source operating system that shares similarities with Unix operating system. It is the top choice for programmers.

The Linux OS supports a variety of programming languages. That's why it is an excellent choice for cloud servers and web hosting. To set it straight, Linux Hosting is a web hosting type operated on servers with Linux OS installed in them.

What are the Advantages of Linux Hosting?

Now that we know what Linux Hosting is let's look at its advantages.

  1. Linux is open-source software that has gone through many developments due to developers hoping (and succeeding) to make it the most versatile facility available.
  2. It is highly cost-efficient. Linux is free software. Because of it, the Linux hosting services are incredibly cheap and effective compared to other web hosting types.
  3. Linux is highly versatile. This operating system supports a wide range of programming languages. Design languages such as PHP and Pearl work great on Linux.
  4. SQL databases and CGI (News - Alert) scripting is supported on Linux.
  5. Linux Hosting allows the individual to include new functions quickly. Designing the website is comparatively more straightforward than any other web hosting platform.
  6. Updating a Linux-hosted site is a breeze. There are no complexities that users should be aware of.
  7. Linux is appreciated for the stability and security it provides for its users.

These advantages may have made you excited to get it. But keep reading to know our recommendations.

Why do People Choose Linux hosting services?

You now know the advantages of using Linux hosting for your website. As a customer, people have the right to choose the services that they think are the best.

Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting are significant types of web hosting services. Windows hosting is more complex than Linux hosting, which is not suitable for beginners and casual users.

Windows hosting is preferred by people who will use SQL servers or ASP. Linux hosting is better for users who will focus on using design-centric programming languages, like PHP, Pearl, or Python.

Many hosting services invest more in Linux Hosting, so it is undoubtedly a better-developed platform for hosting sites.

Choosing the best Linux hosting according to your needs

There are numerous Linux hosting services available in the market. Even though they might provide the same service, you can't just randomly select one service out of thousands.

Users need to understand their needs. For what purpose do they need Linux hosting? What is their budget? What features do they require? If a person knows these things, they won't have any problem choosing a Linux hosting.

Following are some features you can compare in hosting services.

1. Uptime Guarantees

Comparing uptime guarantees of different services can give you an idea about their reliability. The greater the uptime guarantee, the greater the reliability.

2. Easy to use control panel

If a beginner is looking for a hosting service, they will look for user-friendly options.

The cPanel control panel is highly user-friendly. The Linux hosting providing cPanel is the best for these users.

3. Bandwidth (News - Alert)

If a website will get high internet traffic, a higher bandwidth plan is perfect for it.

Some services provide unlimited bandwidth options, so these services are better for high-traffic websites.

4. Customer Support

Another thing to check while choosing a hosting service is their customer support. If a person is a beginner, they would certainly require help from customer support. So, they should choose the service with quality customer support assurance.

5. Project requirements

The requirements of a project for which you're getting a Linux hosting should be kept in mind. If a person is getting a Linux hosting for blogging purposes, they would need a SQL database to store data.

The best selection of Linux Hosting services

After reading the advantages of Linux Hosting and choosing the best service according to your needs, here is the top hosting service used by people worldwide.

Cloudzy is a premium hosting service that provides the most potent Linux hosting. It provides 99.95% uptime guarantee. The rates of this service are lower than other services in the market. It's shocking to get the numerous features that Cloudzy brings at a low price.

It is truly the best option as it caters to beginners and experts.


This article explained many points regarding Linux Hosting. It was done, so people are aware of Linux hosting and the best Linux hosting provider present.

While you're using Linux hosting, make sure you enable firewalls for protection. Avoid using empty passwords by using a robust password protection tool.

Keep your servers up to date and make sure the physical security of your device isn't compromised, Hopefully, these tips, along with the information present in this article, will help you in your journey of publishing a successful website using Linux hosting.

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