Here is an app to regain your privacy on mobile devices

Here is an app to regain your privacy on mobile devices

By Contributing Writer
Alsha Alberto
  |  June 15, 2022

Smartphones have become the one-stop device for payments, work, texting, productivity, entertainment, and much more. From mobile banking to navigation and office meetings to last-minute project changes, we entrust mobile devices with all our confidential information, including financial passwords or pins. Using a mobile device as a unified tool for everything brings with it significant risks; hacking, cloning, spamming, password spraying are just to name a few. 

Cell phone hacking statistics show that more than 60% of fraud originates from mobile devices. Not being able to control what happens to our devices or what type of personal information is stored by the apps is a growing concern for all smartphone users. There is enough evidence to prove that a smartphone can record our conversations or collect personal information for many reasons. Data privacy is a growing concern among smartphone users in a digital-first world where everyone carries their secrets and their most sensitive data on their smart devices. Another major concern is mobile spyware - which grants unlimited access to users' devices and tracks all their activity, including their location, conversations, and even their meetings. This breach of privacy is perilous, and however hard a user tries, it is difficult to detect the spyware due to its cryptic nature and stealthy operation.

Fortunately, Malloc Inc.: an AI-driven Privacy and Data Security Startup based in Cyprus, has built Antistalker. This unique app can empower smartphone users to detect and prevent unattended data recordings and transmissions. Although tech-giants such as Apple (iOS 14) and Google (News - Alert) (Android 12) have introduced some indicators to alert users when an app is using the microphone or camera, there was no way for a user to understand when and how the data is recorded or transmitted to the internet, nor it allowed the users to prevent such abuse. 

Hundreds of Antistalker users have chosen it as the tool to protect their privacy in times when there have been instances of stalking by their own partners. What makes Antistalker unique is that; it not only enlists the apps that are using the data without the user's knowledge, it also has the ability to block those apps from sending data to unknown sources. Users are empowered to regain privacy with notifications of recording or transmission of data, the duration of the sensor usage, and much more. One more important feature offered by Antistalker is the ability to whitelist the apps that you frequently use and want to allow using the device microphone or camera even without permission.

With a mission to make privacy and data security accessible, automated, and effective, Malloc wants to protect every user from major privacy threats. While talking about the unique and industry-first features of Antistalker, its founders stated that "By enabling users to find out if the apps installed on their devices compromise their data without their consent, Malloc is on a mission to empower users to protect their most valuable asset in today's time. Mobile apps continuously share your data, but now you can control this unethical practice in a user-friendly way. Are Android (News - Alert) 12 privacy indicators really accurate? Malloc says no." 

Malloc's co-founders, Maria Terzi, Artemis Kontou, and Liza Charalambous, are PhDs with expertise in cybersecurity and machine learning. Their experience of working with prominent companies like Google, Shell, and AkzoNobel brings out the best in cybersecurity. With its cutting-edge technology and industry-first features, the firm has already piqued the interest of investors and has recently raised over $2 million from Y Combinator and other accredited US-based funds and famous angels.

Due to the simple and intuitive design, unique and industry-first features, Antistalker has more than 500K downloads. It has detected over 550k incidents so far, which makes it the go-to anti-spyware app at a time when there are dedicated apps that people install on their partners' or kids' phones to gain access to the device's gallery, location, historical activity, calls and much more. Antistalker has been built around a machine learning (ML) model that allows the app to detect and block device activity that can be construed as spyware recording or sending data. 

Google Play Store users can give themselves the much-deserved yet rare luxury of privacy even with the free version of the Antistalker App.

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