An AI Built For Cloud Databases and Cloud Data Warehouses WIth New Reliable Metrics

An AI Built For Cloud Databases and Cloud Data Warehouses WIth New Reliable Metrics

By Contributing Writer
Alsha Alberto
  |  July 27, 2022

Data is the fuel for every business, and this fuel must be reliable at all steps. Each business requires a tool to sustain data for the decision-making process. The enterprises and executives whose data is not available in a reliable state end up making wrong decisions. Data reliability is perceived as another part and a process in a company, however, it is the “must have” cog in today’s time. 

Data reliability focuses on the quality of the data, its completeness, and accuracy to build the ultimate data trust within the company. The companies can finalize the right decisions based on analytics with the assistance of reliable data. There is no requirement for guesswork in business and data reliability does just that. Acknowledging the importance of data reliability, the companies that invest in it generate more profits than other companies with data downtime and make wrong decisions by focusing on unreliable data. 

In today’s era, reliable data is stored on cloud file systems and cloud data warehouses; the aim of being driven by data loomed closer than ever. To analyze and transform the data as per the requirement, business teams are eager and on the edge to test it. In addition, the companies that were built with digitalization on the cloud, the team inside the companies are categorized as data teams. These teams are working to mend the broken pipelines regularly, altering formats and schemas that affect all data consumers. 

Thus, the consumer requires data reliability metrics to observe and monitor that data in all the sectors of the company by meeting the requirements of data scientists, engineers, and analysts. 

This is where Qualdo™ steps in to help in monitoring mission-critical data errors, drifts, and quality in the favorite cloud. Experts in measuring and improving data quality for small, medium, and big enterprises, it adopted modern data ecosystems and multi-cloud. Understanding multiple data stakeholders, Qualdo™ organizes the relevant data and ML-model issues on AZURE, AWS & GCP. It also brings forth a unified view that can be utilized in multiple ways. The companies can track feature and model decays from data bricks and sagemaker. 

There is a massive gap in calculating and monitoring data reliability and data quality for the modern data ecosystem, especially present in the cloud. By monitoring data reliability around the clock, Qualdo™ looks after this problem and is a machine learning-based product that monitors data quality automatically and without the use of any manual effort or interference. The platform can effortlessly identify new data from old, used data from unused ones, relevant from corrupt, and regular from irregular data for the benefit of current-day companies. The companies can place their full trust in this data before it is converted into meaningful and error-free intelligence.

The founders of Qualdo™, Muralidharan Krishnamoorthy, and Jay K Madhivathanan are the brilliant minds behind this exceptional product. Krishnamoorthy, the founder, and CEO has two decades of rich experience working in Complex Event Processing, Big-Data & ML in Telecom, IoT, and Enterprise Architecture divisions out of Europe. A famous AI thought leader in India he has also been an imperative tool in Nokia (News - Alert) in past years. Madhivathanan, the Co-Founder and Chief Client Officer, has a wealth of experience in Telemetry and Telco. He remarkably led the HCL-Cisco (News - Alert) IoT division out of Brussels, Belgium.

The founders state, “Get your data right before others start observing.” They firmly believe in this quote and add, “When Data Reliability is absent, fire-fighters run amuck!” 

Serving the companies with a 2022 Data Reliability disrupting product, Qualdo™ is delivering reliable and relevant data with a focus on the modern ecosystem on the cloud, the convenience of deploying pipelines, and cost-effectiveness. Qualdo™ delivers data closer to business with the assistance of an easy, point-and-click user interface. 


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