Virtana Enhances Observability Capabilities with OpsCruise

Virtana Enhances Observability Capabilities with OpsCruise

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  June 27, 2023

Hybrid work environments are the norm today, and that means IT leaders need a holistic view of their organization’s entire infrastructure.

That is where hybrid cloud infrastructure monitoring and management solutions step in. These solutions play a big role in optimizing performance, proactively detecting issues, controlling costs, ensuring security and compliance, facilitating centralized management and enabling efficient capacity planning and scalability.

Virtana simplifies and accelerates hybrid infrastructure innovation through deep-system data and centralized visibility. Its unified multi-cloud management solution, Virtana Platform, simplifies the optimization, migration and monitoring of application workloads across public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

That said, Virtana wanted to enhance its observability capabilities (such as log analysis platforms, monitoring systems, distributed tracing frameworks and machine-learning, or ML, algorithms) to help organizations gain deeper insights into the behavior of their systems and infrastructure.

This prompted the IT operations management company accelerating hybrid, multi-vendor and multi-cloud infrastructure innovation with AI for IT operations, to acquire cloud observability platform, OpsCruise, a purpose-built cloud-native and Kubernetes observability platform.

The OpsCruise acquisition allows Virtana to support Kubernetes deployments anywhere and automate anomaly detection to identify suspicious behaviors and data protection. The acquisition also enhances extensibility with improved support of a broad range of Platform-as-a-Service offerings.

“Our team is committed to delivering the industry's most robust hybrid cloud infrastructure monitoring and management solution, and the acquisition of OpsCruise augments that effort," said Kash Shaikh, president and CEO of Virtana. “This acquisition will also help accelerate how our customers reduce costs with open-source-based collection and predict and pinpoint the problems so they can innovate within their competitive markets.”

OpsCruise emerged in 2018 with a mission to tackle the intricate challenges associated with managing cloud-based applications, while also addressing cost concerns. OpsCruise leverages its expertise in Kubernetes and other technologies prevalent in modern applications to equip ITOps/DevOps/SRE teams with an innovative solution that enables them to anticipate performance deterioration and precisely identify its underlying causes. This capability is made possible through the company's contextual AI/ML driven behavior profiling.

OpsCruise's offering integrates with open-source monitoring tools and renowned cloud providers, facilitating effortless access to metrics, logs, traces, flows and configuration data. This integration liberates customers from the burden of relying on expensive proprietary alternatives, offering them a more cost-effective monitoring solution.

"Cloud observability has become a data problem. Traditional tools require significant configuration and tuning to simply present telemetry data on dashboards,” said Scott Fulton, founder and CEO of OpsCruise. “OpsCruise automatically makes sense of the data to provide contextual insights, identify degradations and automate causal analysis - an observability smart layer.

With this acquisition, Virtana continues to deliver on its vision to support simplified and unified hybrid infrastructure observability for on-prem, cloud, and edge multi-vendor environments.

Edited by Alex Passett
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