How Cloud Computing is Being Used in Video Games

How Cloud Computing is Being Used in Video Games

By Contributing Writer
  |  September 01, 2023

By using remote servers hosted on the Internet, many popular game developers these days are using cloud computing to run their products. It’s mostly the case for online games, where players have an inventory that gets synced continuously to the cloud server.

A common application of this can be seen on CSGO betting sites where the player’s Steam inventory needs to be synced with the cloud server. But this is just one of the many ways that this tech is being utilized in the gaming industry.

That’s why today, we want to try and explore the different ways cloud computing is being applied to video games. This should help you understand the ways the concept of cloud servers has changed online gaming.

Evolution of Gaming and Cloud Computing

Online video games have existed ever since the 2000s. Back then Blizzard was one of the leading developers in the sphere of online gaming with titles like Warcraft and Starcraft. While those games used servers to store a player’s account information, they didn’t use cloud computing.

While the earliest concepts of cloud computing in gaming did surface in 2000, it wouldn’t become mainstream until a decade later.

These days, almost all video games are utilizing the benefits and features of the cloud. Thanks to that, players can get access to features that weren’t possible in the past. This is because games back then were confined to a single system. But now, with cloud computing, those barriers have been shattered.

Applications of Cloud Computing in Video Games

The latest video games use cloud computing in one way or another. In fact, many of the current gaming standards have come about because of the existence of this technology. So, without any further ado, let’s have a closer look at the different ways this innovative tech is being applied in games:

Game Servers

If you look at the most popular games of all time, in the top 5 list, you’ll find games such as CSGO, Dota 2, LoL, and so on. Each of the games that we’ve mentioned here are online games that are hosted on cloud-based servers.

The benefit of using such a solution has to do with the scalability. Even if the number of players peaks at an all-time high, the cloud server can handle it without breaking a sweat.

Content Delivery

Since games are pushed out on really tight schedules, sometimes there are a few bugs in them post-launch. Instead of leaving it be, developers are now able to patch those via updates that are sent over the cloud servers.

This is also observed with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), where new additions to the games are pushed out via updates.

Matchmaking and Networking

As we’re talking about online games, the topic of playing with other players also comes into discussion. Thanks to the smooth operation of cloud-based networks, you get matched up with players who are of similar skill levels.

You’re also placed in multiplayer lobbies with players having the same network conditions as yours. That way, the playing field is leveled, ensuring a fair match for everyone.

Parting Words

If you start looking into the matter, cloud computing is everywhere in video games these days. Thanks to the advantages of technology, the current experience of playing games has come a long way from what we’re used to.

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