Google Cloud Award 2023: Who Are the Winners?

Google Cloud Award 2023: Who Are the Winners?

By Contributing Writer
  |  October 03, 2023

Nowadays, it’s quite popular to come across companies aimed at providing solutions to new technological problems that arise. Thousands of workers worldwide are seeking to specialize in virtual security in order to gradually do their bit to make the cloud a much safer place.

The problem in question is the approach of many companies to cloud security. Many focus on making information readily available, but this must be coupled with how it’s protected from third parties. In fact, the biggest challenge is to keep it restricted to only those to whom the user allows entry.

However, cloud computing security has become a technology boom. This type of security has revolutionized the technology market, causing hundreds of solutions to be created for every problem within cloud platforms.

Aeros awarded Google (News - Alert) Cloud Partner of the Year in 2023

Every year, the Google Cloud Platform allows its partners to focus on current problem solutions. They gave them their famous "Google Cloud Partner of the Year 2023" award to recognize their efforts and work on these services. This year, Aeros (Argentina) became one of the award-winning companies.

On this occasion, this award not only recognizes the value of the work of the members of Aeros. It also allows the company's customers to create various opportunities for them and continues to encourage small and not so small companies to thrive and continue to innovate in technology solutions.

Aeros and its Google Cloud certifications

By becoming a company capable of creating effective solutions for large companies, Aeros preparation is constant, so every day they continue to prepare to evolve.

This is why the Argentine company currently has three new Google Cloud specializations: Work Transformation SMB, Infrastructure Service, and Data Analytics Service. These certifications give customers confidence in the company's ability to offer optimal service.

Aeros, Telecom, and the Best Solution Award

Although it’s not well known worldwide, Telecom Argentina (News - Alert) is clearly one of the largest companies in the country. Its service is in constant expansion, currently reaching around 30 million users.

However, not all that glitters is gold. The company has so much traffic on its platforms that it’s very common for problems to arise from time to time.

The participation of Aeros provided a solution through which they can predict any future failures throughout the network, so you will have timely information about the most common problems that could occur. That way, they can solve them in advance and avoid a general or individual failure of the service.

As with this company, it focuses on solutions for the rest of its customers, who rely on the technical preparation of all members and the knowledge the company has acquired during its years of experience.

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