TransCertain Sure About Secure Data

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TransCertain Sure About Secure Data

By Doug Barney, TMCnet Editor at Large  |  February 20, 2014

There are thousands of security vendors, but none quite like TransCertain. The company’s flagship product is CertainSafe, now on version 2. CertainSafe is really a vault for your data in the cloud, offering secure Web access. Details on this tool can be found in Tom Keating’s (News - Alert) review which follows.

The PCI Level 1 DSS certified compliant tool is particularly suited for those industries that fall under compliance regulations such as the financial and health care sectors. The company is also going after legal and professional markets. Pricing is based on usage and data volumes.

Company founders have an extensive background in credit card payment processing, and had clients looking to add this level of security to other data types such as customer data.

TransCertain was founded not just to secure all this data, but make it easily and safely available.

Today the company offers what it calls its “Security – Storage - Accessibility -Systems -as-a-Service platform utilizes highly advanced, proprietary,  MicroTokenization and MicroEncryption  to protect and safeguard personal, corporate, private and other sensitive information and data,” the company explained.

The company is looking to expand its channel base by developing strategic partnerships, recruiting VARs, and offering tools on a white label basis, said executive vice president Steven R. Russo. So what’s in it for partners?

“Our technology is not available anywhere else. Our integration capabilities are simple and easy. We bring a significant opportunity for them to address cyber security concerns of their existing client base, and allow them to profit from that relationship,” Russo argued.

“Our ability to provide a “complete solution” is what significantly differentiates us from the rest. From protecting data at rest, to protecting in while in transit, making it available, and putting data to task, including any form of payment processing if required, is a significant differentiator. We bring a significant opportunity for them to address cyber security concerns of their existing client base and allow them to profit from that relationship. Depending on the relationship we can potentially private label for them or their client.”

TransCertain is also seeking technology partners such as fingerprint scanning companies, facial recognition vendors and electronic data key authentication providers, and in general “businesses that compliment what we have that can take advantage of their existing customer base to add value and revenue, providers of software that can build in data security onto the back end if a client decides to engage with their offering, data centers looking to provide added security for small- medium-large companies that need help,” Russo said.

The Road Ahead

The company isn’t planning on sitting still, and is redoubling the marketing efforts behind products such as CertainSafe. In fact, TransCertain just hired three marketing companies to help build its brand.

And it plans on reacting to changes in security threats.

“Security threats are increasing daily. With state and rogue sponsored attacks from China and other nations, security on every level is a major issue. No entity public or private is immune from being attacked. Our platform removes these threats or certainly mathematically mitigates them from happening. By removing the sensitive data and replacing it with worthless tokens there is nothing of value to the hacker when they get into a system! We have made it mathematically improbable, (if not impossible) for a MASS DATA BREACH to occur. That is a huge piece of our platform. Additionally we only secure the sensitive parts of information so that helps dramatically maintain speed and efficiency of systems,” Russo concluded.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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