Top 5 Cloud Computing Companies

Top 5 Cloud Computing Companies

By Special Guest
Ademir Abazagic
  |  December 05, 2019

Cloud computing technology is actively being adopted by many organizations. Data forms the backbone of most industries. Therefore, companies are investing in technology to provide adequate space for company information.

Cloud computing also promises a convenient sharing of information. Companies, like this Swedish casino company, have taken up cloud computing to facilitate easy sharing of their database across the multiple outlets spread across a wide geographical area. Below are the top five cloud computing companies in the world.

1.Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services, which is the cloud computing provider of tech giant Amazon, has earned a great reputation in the cloud computing market. In 2019, Amazon generated $25.7 billion in revenue from providing cloud computing services. This is a 45.3% revenue increase from the same time last year.

Currently, its major clients include companies such as Capital One (News - Alert), Expedia, General Electric, and Airbnb. Darren Mowry, the Director, Business Development at the organization, explains how they have managed to create a competitive advantage through its organization’s customer-focused and long-term approach. By building a long-term relationship with its customers, Amazon Web Services has managed to maintain excellent performance in the delivery of cloud computing services.

2.Microsoft (News - Alert)

Microsoft entered into the cloud computing business in 2010 through its cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure. Although the platform has not lasted even a decade, Microsoft Azure stands as one of the major revenue-generator for the tech giant. 95% of the Fortune 500 organizations employ the Microsoft Cloud.

Volkswagen, for instance, partnered with Microsoft in 2018 to come up with Volkswagen Automotive Cloud that is powered by Microsoft Azure. The type of clients that Microsoft boasts of just show their position in the cloud computing sector; the very top!

3.Google (News - Alert)

Google owns a significant stake in the cloud computing market. The companies offer cloud computing services to organizations, including Bloomberg (News - Alert), Ticketmaster, Deloitte, and eBay. Google’s cloud computing provider, Google Cloud Platform, is the third biggest player, in terms of revenue generated, in the cloud space. Back in July, Google made public its plan to acquire Elastifile, which is a provider of small, enterprise file storage for the cloud. Once the deal is done, Elastifile will join forces with Google Cloud.

4.Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba is the biggest cloud computing platform in China. Due to the organization’s experience in handing retail, finance, and logistics operations, among others, it holds a significant competitive advantage against other providers.

Alibaba itself handles up to 1 trillion US dollars annually with approximately 70% of all its business running through the cloud computing technology. Moreover, the organization intends to transfer all of its operations to the cloud. That’s how competent the Alibaba cloud computing services are. Besides, the EMEAN, Alibaba cloud platform, generates a lot of revenue.

5.Oracle (News - Alert)

Oracle has been a significant force in the tech industry, supplying many office systems and software. The company also joined into the cloud computing trend offering services including Cloud Services and License Support, and Cloud License and On-Premise License services.

The amount of revenue accrued for the fourth quarter of 2019 was $6.8 billion and $2.5 billion respectively. Besides, the cooperation between Oracle and Microsoft in bridging the gap between Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is set to fasten the transition from an on-premise database to the Autonomous Database services.


Cloud computing is here to stay. Major organizations listed above offer some of the best services in the cloud space. Besides, they manage to generate large sums of revenues, which are expected to increase even further with organizations introducing the data management innovation into their operations.

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