CLOUD COMPUTING — 4th Quarter 2015

Application Assurance for the Borderless Enterprise

Cloud computing has been among the chief enablers of the borderless enterprise, allowing business to adopt new technology and application strategies - specifically, the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model continues to proliferate corporate strategy conversations as a means of providing access to business applications and services and allowing employees - and entire businesses - to become more agile.... Read More >>>

Feature Articles

2015 Cloud Computing Excellence Awards
Cloud Computing Magazine's 5th Annual Cloud Computing Excellence Award recognizes vendors that have most effectively leveraged cloud computing in their efforts to bring new, differentiated offerings to market. We congratulate this years winners and look forward to even more exciting and innovative ways to leverage cloud computing in the coming year. - 03/14/2016

IoT and Virtualization - A Cloud Enabled Symbiotic Relationship
If, as Cisco projects, IoT is to scale to 50 billion devices by the year 2020, it will require an agile and elastic infrastructure that only a mature virtualized cloud-based architecture can deliver. Looking at this from the opposite perspective, the virtualization of the network infrastructure may or may not see the return on investment in terms of cost and operational benefit if the demand for IoT does not develop. - 03/14/2016

The Storage Chaos Era: How to Cope with Today's File Synchronization and Migration Challenges
There's good news and bad news in the world of cloud storage. For starters, organizations big and small have a plethora of choices when it comes to moving data from on-premises storage systems to the cloud in order to slash CAPEX, achieve greater agility and provide users with better opportunities to collaborate. - 03/14/2016

Healthcare and Cloud: Protecting Patient Data
The security of a healthcare organization can be as precarious as a row of dominos: Just one weak link in the chain can take down an entire network once an attacker has access. In 2015 alone, the highest-profile healthcare security breaches - Community Health Systems, Anthem and Premera - resulted in the exposure of 96 million personal health records. The impact of the breaches didn't end there, as several network partners of each of those companies were impacted, due to the very nature of information sharing up and down the value chain. - 03/14/2016


Cloud Security

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2016: The Fusion of Network, Security and the Cloud
We all know that cloud computing has become more widely accepted in the enterprise network. In 2016, we will see more businesses of all sizes turn to the benefits of the Cloud to solve ongoing problems. - 03/14/2016

Cloud Communications

BPaaS: The Next Phase of Cloud Computing
We are starting to see Cloud 2.0 - next generation cloud businesses that provide business functionality beyond software rental. - 03/14/2016

Business Continuity

How Businesses Will Approach Backup and Disaster Recovery in 2016
Disaster recovery will be on everyone's minds in the New Year. Companies big and small will need to invest the time and due diligence necessary to build out solid business continuity plans. - 03/14/2016

Cloud Migration

Migrating to the Cloud to Advance the Continuous Improvement Process
The philosophy of "Continuous Improvement" has its origin in Japan's effort to rebuild its manufacturing sector after World War II. - 03/14/2016

Cloud Networks

SD-WAN is the Future
As quickly as 2015 passed, it left us with a clear understanding that SD-WAN would remain a hot topic for the foreseeable future. - 03/14/2016

Cloud Hosting

2016 Cloud Predictions
When choosing whether to replace depreciated equipment or go to an "as-a-service" provider, businesses are now choosing the latter alternative. - 03/14/2016

Silver Lining

APIs, Cloud and Managed Services Create Buzz at ITEXPO
While there were likely several factors that drove the excitement level, one of the most openly evident variables is always the engagement and enthusiasm of exhibitors. We've all been at shows where booth staff are constantly on their phones, or standing around talking to one another. - 03/14/2016

View from the Cloud

Does Winning Business Outweigh Security Controls?
This is not surprising. After all, human nature, or possibly specifically that of high level executives, typically will put self-interest above the common welfare. And, as my conversations with CSA members illustrate, the real trick is to create an environment and culture that strikes a healthy balance of IT security and business flexibility. Indeed, the real art from IT professionals comes in accomplishing this in a manner that does not impose onerous processes on users. In fact, such processes serve as poster children for what not to do. They invite lack of cooperation by insiders. - 03/14/2016

Publisher’s Outlook

Zultys Upgrades its Communications Software
With the multitude of product offerings out there, I feel the pain for all channel partners. Keeping up with the latest is a task that needs to be on everyone's daily to do list, and they need to be able to run their business at the same time. Continuing education and training is critical or you get left behind. In our case, this was one of the driving forces to make our software the same, regardless of deployment model, so the channel partners would not need to train technicians or sales people on additional products. - 03/14/2016


View From the Cloud
By Peter Bernstein

Publisher's Outlook
By Rich Tehrani

Silver Linings
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