Pulumi Intros 'Registry' to Empower Software Sharing and Reuse for the Modern Cloud

By Stefania Viscusi  |  October 22, 2021

Cloud Engineering provider Pulumi offers an open source platform where developers, infrastructure teams and security engineers can come together to build, deploy, and manage modern cloud applications and infrastructure using familiar languages, tools, and engineering practices.

Recently, the company announced a new public Registry that makes it possible for users to, “share and reuse software principles to the modern cloud.”

This move is significant because it brings a software supply chain’s benefits – such as dependency management, versioning, auditing - to the cloud.

With the Registry, teams can find Pulumi Packages and everything they need to build, deploy and manage applications and even share it with others.

“Cloud Engineering is a developer-first approach to building reusable infrastructure components and sharing them, both within your organization and with the broader community,” said Joe Duffy, CEO of Pulumi. “By providing a place where teams can share and discover reusable infrastructure building blocks and entire cloud architectures with best practices built-in, the Pulumi Registry helps ensure that the simple things are simple and the really hard things are made possible.”

Pulumi packages support popular software ecosystems including TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, Go and .NET (News - Alert) as well as software package managers like npm, NuGet, Python packages, Go modules, and more.

“With the shift to distributed application architectures and serverless functions, architecture becomes increasingly complex and hard to manage,” said James Governor, principal analyst and co-founder of RedMonk. “A developer-first approach allows teams to focus on APIs, configuration as code, and productivity. The Pulumi platform is designed for this use case, enabling developer self-service with enterprise guard rails for team productivity."

“A key benefit of Pulumi is that it allows us to modularize our cloud infrastructure as reusable Python components that enable our developer teams to build faster and more independently,” said Danny Zalkind, DevOps group manager at Skai. “Pulumi’s Registry will provide us with a central place where our teams can discover components and providers they can use to build faster.”

The Pulumi Registry is available now and contains a growing collection of Pulumi-built and community-contributed packages.

Edited by Luke Bellos
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