Transmit Security Integrates Passwordless MFA in AWS

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  November 03, 2022

Traditional authentication methods ruin the customer experience. Think about it, having to remember multiple passwords or PINs is not a fun time for customers as they see the phrase “login failed” over and over, ultimately becoming a deterrent to their continued use. How many times have you had to reset a password because you forgot it? How many times did you simply move on to something else instead of accessing the app or website because it was too much of a nuisance to reset your password?

Businesses need a way to utilize passwordless identity authentication to satisfy customers and have turned to platforms such as the Transmit Security CIAM platform. It comes with real-time services that improve customer experience and help improve registration rates, reduce cart abandonment and accelerate conversion while improving security and protection from account takeover fraud.

As an Advanced Technolgy Partner in the AWS Partner Network, Transmit Security integrated its MFA (News - Alert) and account protection services in AWS Marketplace. Transmit Security’s CIAM services complement existing AWS services such as Amazon Cognito, Amazon Connect and Amazon Security Hub.

For passwordless and MFA, the platform provides biometric and FIDO authentication, SSO, one-time passwords, magic links and social login. These passwordless and MFA services reduce overhead, increase assurance and achieve an authentic omnichannel experience. The platform also allows businesses to deploy reliable identity verification for more effective assurance. The platform verification service reduces costs by proofing identity documents.

Additionally, the CIAM platform provides account protection that responds to threats in real time with applied intelligence powered by machine learning. Businesses build real-time protection against account takeover such as session hijacking, device spoofing, credential stuffing and other threats

“Our mission is to make it easier for businesses to build secure and delightful identity experiences for their customers,” said Niv Goldenberg, chief product officer at Transmit Security.

Goldenberg went on to say that the AWS services they expanded on will provide product teams additional features to make opening accounts faster and login easier with passkeys among other authentication methods. Doing this protects customers from account takeover and threats.

Edited by Erik Linask
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