Okta Protects Enterprises through Holistic Identity Visibility

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  November 14, 2022

The enterprise workforce is more complex that ever, as employees and business partners utilize technologies across on-premises and cloud environments. However, bad actors are more sophisticated and target the people of the enterprise ecosystem through credential abuse, such as phishing.

Enterprises need a unified identity approach to protect their employees and infrastructure. To assist, Okta introduced new innovations for Okta Workforce Identity Cloud. Okta Workforce Identity Cloud provides customers with secure access for their workforce so they can focus on other strategic priorities.

The new innovations include anti-phishing factors across user types and resources as well as unified access management, governance and privileged capabilities through a user-friendly solution end users and IT professionals love.

The latest Okta features to combat phishing and third-party vulnerabilities are advanced phishing-resistant access capabilities for FastPass, WebAuthn allow list, passkey management and new enhanced security checks for unmanaged devices.

The anti-phishing features are supported by new security use cases for Okta’s no-code automation tool, Workflows. Workflows is designed to automate identity actions with new use cases offering users a simpler way to solve identity and security-based automation challenges and mitigate the risks of third-party organizations, users and devices.

“Okta makes it easy to protect enterprises and deliver an amazing experience for every user connecting from any device or location,” said Sagnik Nandy, president and chief development officer, Workforce Identity at Okta.

To give admins the necessary tools to bolster security for privileged resources, monitor and record privileged access and run detailed compliance reports for auditors, Okta introduced Okta Privileged Access.

Okta Privileged Access, building off the infrastructure access capabilities of Okta Advanced Server Access, enables customers to secure highly-privileged credentials for admin and root accounts using Okta’s vaulting service that automatically rotates passwords and provides individual accountability for access to shared accounts.

Okta Privileged Access also allows users to manage privileged access requests and approvals for infrastructure managed by Okta as well as generate privileged entitlement reports to satisfy audit and compliance requirements.

Additionally, Okta introduced Okta Identity Governance to simplify the process of requesting and granting access to resources by meeting end users where they are. New event-based certifications take advantage of Okta’s unified approach to identity governance and access management, enabling sharing of signals across the platform for contextualized governance capabilities across an organization’s broad workforce, ultimately keeping businesses secure and compliant.

“Okta's unified identity solution is a big part of how we make access and governance simple and secure across our IT estate and global employees,” said Cory Musselman, chief information security officer at Kyndryl. “Being able to get our arms around all our people and resources keeps Kyndryl’s business accelerating forward.”

Workforce Identity Cloud unifies Okta Identity Governance and Okta Privileged Access with Okta’s core Identity and Access Management technology to deliver holistic visibility and control of all identities. Combining these components puts power and control in the hands of IT without compromising on security or user experience for the rest of the business.

Edited by Erik Linask
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