Alkira Takes Channel Presence to New Heights via HighPoint

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  March 17, 2023

As more companies move their applications and data to the cloud, they often use multiple cloud providers to take advantage of the strengths of each platform. However, this can create a complex and fragmented networking environment that makes it difficult to manage and secure the infrastructure.

To address this challenge, multi-cloud networking solutions are developed to provide unified networking experiences across multiple cloud providers.

Alkira provides a cloud-native network as a service platform that simplifies and automates multi-cloud and hybrid cloud networking, providing a unified and simplified networking experience for enterprises. Managed using the same controls, policies and security network admins already know, Alkira instantly scales, provides end-to-end visibility and is delivered as a service.

“Digital transformation starts with the network, but for many organizations, harnessing the cloud has proven too complex to generate the strategic value that was promised,” said Doug Houghton, Director of Channels at Alkira.

So, Houghton and Alkira naturally thought of ways to expand the platform’s channel platform. The decision: reaching new heights with HighPoint, a provider of technology infrastructure solutions.

HighPoint, operating in the U.S., London and Amsterdam, provides customers with access to a wide range of IT infrastructure and services, including network infrastructure, collaboration tools, data centers and security solutions. With a track record of helping customers build seamless hybrid- and multi-cloud environments, HighPoint is an ideal partner for Alkira.

“At HighPoint, we have a reputation for helping our customers invest in technology that is transformational for their business, and this is where Alkira is delivering tremendous value,” said Neil Dearman, HighPoint Head of Technology, U.K. “By partnering with Alkira, we’re able to offer customers a significantly simplified experience deploying a global cloud backbone for end-to-end and any-to-any network connectivity, resulting in accelerated innovation and time to market.”

Alkira and HighPoint's partnership enables a greater number of enterprises to simplify and expedite their cloud journeys, allowing them to fully leverage the cloud's potential benefits in the present day.

Edited by Alex Passett
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