Unlock a Transparent Hybrid Billing System with Orb

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  April 04, 2023

The move toward usage-based pricing in software continues to gain significant momentum, with numerous companies opting to factor in usage metrics when setting their rates. However, while this shift is undeniable, there is no single pricing strategy that works for all businesses. The truth is most companies benefit from hybrid pricing models that offer greater flexibility and control.

The key to driving efficient growth lies in allowing SaaS (News - Alert) companies to fully customize their pricing and packaging approaches. Flexibility is essential.

Orb, a newly launched modern pricing platform, is powering this evolution. With Orb, SaaS companies can now accurately bill for any flexible pricing model.

Orb understands that revenue growth is a company-wide effort, and so Orb designed its solution to help all stakeholders achieve their goals faster. The platform provides a range of benefits, including flexibility for engineers and product managers to ship products faster, real-time insights for sales and customer success teams to identify upsell opportunities and accuracy and automation to eliminate billing errors and provide detailed revenue reporting for finance teams.

A few samplings of what Orb offers include powering the billing processes of some of the fastest-growing tech firms, including Airbyte, Dune and Materialize. By using Orb's advanced billing platform, these companies reduce their engineering costs and increase revenue, leading to unprecedented growth in their respective industries.

“Pricing is one of the most effective growth levers that companies have, yet so few can successfully evolve their monetization to act on opportunities,” said Alvaro Morales, CEO and co-founder of Orb. “Building this infrastructure in-house requires massive investments in engineering. Companies also face a false choice between billing solutions that are either developer-friendly or powerful for cross-functional users like finance. That changes today with Orb.”

To go along with the platform’s launch, Orb also recently closed $14 million in Series A funding led by Menlo Ventures.

“We are reverting from an era of point solutions back to an era of consolidation, and a single system of record for revenue across engineering, product, sales, RevOps and finance is where we at Menlo see the industry heading,” said Naomi Ionita, partner at Menlo Ventures (News - Alert).

As companies, boards and the public markets continue to watch every dollar. Engineering and data science talent remains scarce and expensive, but Orb enables organizations to focus more on their core business, not on billing.

Edited by Alex Passett
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