AI in a Box? Box Brings Advanced AI Models to Content Cloud

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  May 05, 2023

It cannot be denied that AI is transforming the business landscape, and companies that are slow to adopt it risk being left behind.

Think about the capabilities that come with AI. Augmenting human abilities, automating repetitive tasks, providing personalized recommendations and making data-driven decisions help businesses save time and resources, reduce errors and provide more personalized experiences to customers.

So, a thought just came to mind when thinking about ways AI can further benefit businesses. What if AI is brought to a content cloud – that digital platform that businesses use to manage content creation, distribution and optimization in a single location? By optimizing their content and improving their overall content marketing strategy, teams can further gain a competitive edge in their industry.

Oh, one content cloud is a already step ahead of that though by bringing AI into a content cloud box. A box, huh? Yeah, content cloud Box unveiled Box AI, a new suite of capabilities that natively integrates advanced AI models into the Box (News - Alert) Content Cloud, bringing Box’s enterprise-grade standards for security, compliance and privacy to this breakthrough technology.

The Box Content Cloud is a comprehensive suite of tools and services that enables businesses to streamline their content management processes and collaborate on content from anywhere, while its advanced security and compliance features ensure that content is always protected.

Box AI allows users to ask questions about a document, pull out insights from a spreadsheet, or summarize a presentation with just one click. Box AI works with an organization's files, resulting in improved accuracy. For example, some sample questions and requests provided by Box include “summarize this document,” “outline the action items” and “create a talk track for this report.” Similar to what has been seen on the likes of ChatGPT, except this is done on a document or PDF.

Furthermore, Box AI helps users create content faster to increase productivity by creating content from scratch or generate new material from existing information. With a simple prompt, users draft emails, newsletters or blog posts in different tones, lengths and styles. They also can develop agendas, manuals and reports that are built upon information that is already in Box.

“We’ve seen a step function improvement in our ability to analyze and synthesize the massive amounts of data contained within an organization’s unique documents, videos, presentations, spreadsheets and more,” said Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box. “When combined with AI, we will be able to unlock the value of this content and make every person in a company smarter and more productive. Content is an organization’s most important data, and with Box AI we’re just getting started with how we’ll transform the way work gets done.”

More than 115,000 customers rely on Box to manage and protect their vital business information, including financial statements, legal contracts, marketing presentations, and HR policies. With the introduction of Box AI, the platform incorporates fundamental AI models into the secure storage of their customers' content, resulting in files that are more meaningful and beneficial to organizations than ever before.

Initial access to Box AI will be granted to select Box customers through an upcoming Design Partner Program. Specific pricing and packaging will be announced upon general availability.

Edited by Alex Passett
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