'The Next Frontier in Data Security': Rubrik Acquires Laminar to Boost Cyber Recovery and DSPM Operations

By Alex Passett, Editor  |  September 01, 2023

In late July, we covered data security platform Laminar; specifically, findings from the survey Laminar conducted regarding cloud-native tools that organizations are utilizing (or should be utilizing) for securing sensitive data. A quick read, and an interesting look into specialized approaches to shoring up best-possible cloud practices. My colleague Greg Tavarez also covered Laminar’s data access governance (DAG) and data detection and response (DDR) solutions for multi-cloud and SaaS (News - Alert) environments. (A great read, I’ll add.)

In recent weeks (and in a similar vein), we also covered cybersecurity company Rubrik. Rubrik reported that, by the year 2025, the forecasted worth of cybercrime business is expected to reach $10 trillion, making it the third-largest economy in the world. Given that has raised eyebrows (as it should), Rubrik has since released its AI-Powered Cyber Recovery tool, and the company is collaborating with Microsoft to thwart bad actors with sophisticated technologies, as well.

Well, news about both Laminar and Rubrik seems to be a-comin’, so we’re still covering it.

Speaking of news, the latter is officially acquiring the former:

Rubrik signed an agreement to acquire Laminar, bringing together cyber recovery and data security posture management (DSPM) efforts under one umbrella across a variety of enterprise-level cloud and SaaS environments.

Per Mike Tornincasa, Chief Business Officer at Rubrik:

“Rubrik and Laminar share a common vision that cyber resilience is the next frontier in data security. Laminar’s technology, fast ability to execute, and vision make it a perfect complement to our strategy and innovative roadmap. Together, our teams will create an integrated offering so customers can benefits from both cyber recovery and cyber posture capabilities, positioning them to be resilient in their fight against cyberattacks.

And per Amit Shaked, co-founder and CEO of Laminar:

“There is a dark side to digital transformation in the form of shadow data, and more businesses are realizing they can’t protect against what they can’t see; this leaves them vulnerable to cyberattacks. So, we have found synergy with Rubrik, a company that cares just as deeply about ensuring that customers are prepared against the inevitable. The combination of cyber posture and cyber recovery will help create a cyber resilient future where organizations can take on any threat, at any stage of the attack.”

And, on a quick related note, Rubrik will also be leveraging the Laminar team to create an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel. This builds on its existing R&D centers in Bangalore, India and Palo Alto (News - Alert), California.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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