Laminar Expands DSPM Platform with Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive Support

By Alex Passett, Editor  |  September 01, 2023

When you arrive on Cloud Computing, two of our latest articles (i.e. at the time of this one’s publication) pertain to two cloud-focused, data security-centric companies:

Rubrik and Laminar.

Rubrik – also having recently acquired Laminar – offers an AI-Powered Cyber Recovery tool, expertise in zero trust data security, and much more. By no means is this a gloss-over of Rubrik, as the passion of its team is just as clear. Its Chief Business Officer Mike Tornincasa even said, “Rubrik and Laminar share a common vision that cyber resilience is truly the next frontier in data security.”

Still, today let’s focus more on Laminar. (Especially regarding a new announcement.)

Laminar has been called a leader in data security posture management (DSPM), and it combines cloud-native design with a deep background in security to provide visibility and control that organizations need to proactively protect their most sensitive data.

So, after being acquired by Rubrik, Laminar announced that it officially added support for both Microsoft OneDrive and Google (News - Alert) Drive. Customers can now leverage Laminar for the continual discovery and protection of overexposed and unprotected sensitive data that lives in OneDrive and Google Drive. (Risk remediation, data leak detection, etc.)

In addition, this expanded support includes major cloud services providers like Amazon Web Services (News - Alert) (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure, plus Snowflake, BigQuery, and other SaaS applications.

That’s the ‘what’ of this news. Here’s the essential ‘why’ of it:

As forward-thinking organizations increasingly leverage cloud file-sharing services (like OneDrive and Google Drive) for still-seamless data sharing and storage, threats among the likes of unauthorized access, compliance violations, and full-blown data breaches are also increasing in frequency and severity. For these services specifically, teams that manage data security and governance are often stuck with limited visibility into files’ contents, which can lead to under-protected data out in the open. Unintentional file-sharing habits and incorrectly assigned permissions can also lead to problems.

That’s why Laminar is addressing these challenges with their new support, as its CEO and co-founder Amit Shaked describes.

“Today’s businesses are powered by cloud file-sharing services, which enable easy and rapid collaboration. This is why it’s so critical to have a comprehensive approach to data security, so as to not leave these important files unprotected. With the integration of Microsoft (News - Alert) OneDrive and Google Drive support into the Laminar Data Security Platform, we believe this is a giant step towards solving this sensitive data security challenge. We recognize that data security is a collective responsibility, encompassing every individual within an organization. Laminar is now positioned to provide an agile platform that safeguards sensitive information, no matter where it resides or whether it's utilized by developers, data scientists, or any employee across an entire organization.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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