Extreme Networks Launches Innovation Hub: Extreme Labs

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  April 30, 2024

A space where collaboration and creativity collide to spark the next generation of networking solutions isn’t what many would think of when they think of a traditional lab setting. Whenever I think of a lab, I think of sterile benches and white coats.

But Extreme Labs, the brainchild of cloud networking provider Extreme Networks, is changing that perception.

Extreme Labs is a unique hub for fostering innovation in next-generation technologies. Its self-described "dynamic ecosystem" transcends traditional labs by prioritizing collaboration and sparking creativity to bring groundbreaking solutions to life.

Extreme Labs serves as a launchpad for the company's ventures by showcasing advancements nearing commercialization. A prime example is the ongoing partnership with Living Tomorrow that aims to co-design products destined for widespread adoption by 2030.

Extreme AI Expert: A Generative Leap

The first peek inside Extreme Labs showcased Extreme AI Expert, a Generative AI solution pushing the boundaries beyond ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot's AIOps capabilities. This groundbreaking technology promises cost savings and optimization in the design, deployment and management of enterprise networks and security.

Unlike siloed solutions, Extreme AI Expert surpasses public product knowledge to deliver better insights. Securely integrating private user data with publicly available information, it generates proactive recommendations. What this does it let customers accelerate information discovery and effortlessly solve network challenges.

Benefits for the Network-Savvy

Extreme AI Expert offers a range of future-oriented advantages:

Access a vast knowledge base – hundreds of thousands of source documents translated into multiple languages – making you an Extreme product and service whiz. This data pool draws from public repositories, Extreme's knowledge base and GTAC documentation.

Extreme AI Expert establishes a better understanding of performance and user experience. By curating enterprise data, the system delivers actionable insights and automates operations. It also generates alerts for anomalies like network overload, performance degradation or Wi-Fi dead zones.

Extreme AI Expert also goes beyond data analysis by recommending preventative actions and network optimizations tailored to business KPIs. It suggests best practices and troubleshooting steps.

“Extreme AI Expert is just another example of how we create best-in-class technology that empowers customers to drive impactful outcomes,” said Nabil Bukhari, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Extreme Networks (News - Alert). “Collaborating with customers and partners throughout the innovation cycle gives them a voice and sets a bar of excellence, especially as we fully immerse ourselves in an era of AI, networking and security convergence.”

Extreme AI Expert is currently a tech preview. Extreme expects to start integrating the technology into solutions later this year.

Edited by Alex Passett
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