Corelight Backed in Massive $150M Funding Round by Accel, Cisco and CrowdStrike

By Alex Passett, Editor  |  May 02, 2024

We put evidence at the heart of security.

This is the M.O. at the core of Corelight, the provider of Corelight Open Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions. Corelight’s team believes deeply that the best-possible approach to tackling cybersecurity risks begins with real evidence that allows network defenders to increase operational visibility, unlock legitimately empowering analytics, and accelerate cyber threat investigations and resolutions. With its total Open NDR platform – a combination dynamic network detections, generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), intrusion detection (IDS), network security monitoring (NSM) and packet capture (PCAP) in a single security tool – organizations are given a bona fide defensive edge against evolving cybersecurity threats.

And earlier this week, Corelight made a huge announcement:

Corelight successfully raised $150 million in Series E investment. This was led by its first capital investor Accel, with strategic investments from none other than well-known industry names Cisco (News - Alert) (Cisco Investments) and CrowdStrike (CrowdStrike Falcon Fund). Each of these investors places major focus on proven enterprise technologies that foster stronger overall ecosystems, so when we read this news it made a ton of sense.

According to the official announcement, this funding will “further accelerate Corelight’s AI-driven security innovation, cloud-native security capabilities, and data fusion partnerships with leading cybersecurity platforms to deliver transformative capabilities for SOC analysts and incident response teams.”

Leaders from Accel, Cisco and CrowdStrike (as well as Corelight, obviously) provided commentary on this successful funding round.

“What stood out about Corelight since the early days was its unusually strong enterprise traction, battle-hardened, open-source technology, and its delighted customers,” said Arun Mathew, partner at Accel. “Corelight is remarkably well positioned to modernize legacy technologies and deepen technology partnerships with the most significant cybersecurity organizations and platforms around the globe.”

“In this era of hyper-distributed devices, remote users, and ephemeral applications, if there is a fulcrum that CISOs can lean on – it would be the network. We are excited to invest in Corelight’s Series E and embark on a joint mission to supercharge network visibility and predictive security – leveraging the power of open-source and Gen AI,” stated Prasad Parthasarathi, Senior Director with Cisco Investments.

“Next-Gen SIEM will transform how security analysts detect, investigate and respond to attacks,” said Gur Talpaz, Vice President of Corporate Development at CrowdStrike and Head of Falcon Fund. “Third party data from Corelight’s Open NDR Platform adds valuable context to the rich telemetry of the Falcon platform. We’re excited to increase our investment in Corelight, extending our partnership.”

“Corelight uses the network to provide ground truth evidence of adversarial movement, and the use case for that data is unbounded,” said Brian Dye, CEO of Corelight. “Customers and partners are broadly adopting Corelight to drive advances in AI-driven security operations, cloud visibility and detection, and next-generation SIEM platforms. We are excited to collaborate with CrowdStrike, Cisco and Accel as we continue to innovate and serve the needs of our mutual customers.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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