How Familiar Are You With Cloud-Based Social Media Analytics?

How Familiar Are You With Cloud-Based Social Media Analytics?

By Special Guest
Sophia Jayden
  |  November 21, 2018

Social media channels are driving business success. Marketers are immensely trusting social media platforms as the viable marketing channels today. Social networks like Facebook (News - Alert), Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn etc are seen as the “land of leads and connection” by the brands. These platforms stand as a great place to connect with the prospects on a personal level and gain influencers.

Tracking such interactions and gaining actionable insights from each of your campaign can play a significant role in taking efficient decisions for the growth of the business. Social media Analytics is a critical component today. But, at the same time coping with the time and cost is yet another challenge. Employing a cloud-based social media analytics can be a big time saver and can yield better efficiency and results.

Why cloud-based social media analytics is the most efficient infrastructure?

A new research on digital marketing tactics indicates that brands are gaining organic conversions and leads via social media marketing. Analysis every interaction stands as the key approach in enhancing the customer experience, customer satisfaction and eventually the business revenue. However, while businesses are involved in collecting the data and analysing them than ever before, turning social media data analysis insight as an action catalyst can pose as the master plan for the company as this involves a huge set of real-time data on a day-to-day basis. Collecting and analyzing is a constant approach. Cloud can be the best practice to save time, cost and resource.

Advantages of Cloud-based social media analytics

  • Agile (News - Alert)
  • Easily Assessable
  • Enhances efficiency
  • Reduces cost
  • Saves time
  • Reduces errors
  • Secured
  • Better data governance
  • Mobile friendly

Cloud-based modeling tools are embedded with machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to enable descriptive, predictive and prescriptive solutions. Right from evaluating your social media audience size till evaluating every engagement, deriving sentiment analysis, measuring every campaign, post and promotion and deriving customer preference is possible easily with cloud-based social media analytics.

With a central point of security, Cloud-based social media analytics can be the best option. Even, servers, data storage are all provisioned automatically in this system. Data which does not make sense anymore gets deleted automatically.

Cloud-based social media analytics makes even sharing insights easy through collaborative spaces.

Above all, it is a sustainable approach.

Final Say

More and more users are engaging with a brand directly via social media platforms, says a new research report on social media usage and trends. Posting and engaging on social media is no doubt an exploding activity in recent years. Marketers are aware that measuring social media campaigns and engagements are critical for consumer identity, consumer management, and user retention. But, doing it efficiently and effortlessly is a strategy which is lacking in many marketers today. Cloud-based social media analytics can act as a right move. 

Instead of just pushing your products to consumers and hoping that to work, it is time that you fix your focus on all those interactions that your followers have over a period of time on the social media channels. This would eventually elate consumers through a journey based on preference, relevance and timely to them.

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