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By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  April 12, 2024

On our Cloud Computing Magazine site, we often discuss how cloud computing changes the way we access and utilize resources. It replaces physical servers and software with on-demand services delivered over the internet, and there are advantages to that.

Scalability allows users to pay only for what they use, while accessibility grants remote work and global collaboration. Cloud providers also handle security and maintenance, freeing up internal IT resources. For example, I recently wrote an article on how Brinqa implemented a Risk Operations Center to further help enterprises mitigate cyber risks. This model fosters innovation by allowing businesses to quickly deploy new applications and adapt to changing market demands.

There are also different deployment models within cloud computing, with public clouds offering readily available resources, private clouds prioritizing control and security and hybrid clouds combining elements of both. Just this week, Alex Passett wrote an article about how Colohouse and Hivelocity are tackling full-service hybrid cloud solutions.

Cloud technology underpins many of the digital tools we rely on daily, from storing personal data to using web-based applications. Below are a few stories that cover things from cloud firewalls and cloud protection to multi-cloud networking:

Advanced Cloud Firewalls Offer Limited Protection

A report by SecureIQLab, a cloud security validation specialist, shed light on the shortcomings of current Advanced Cloud Firewall solutions. The report found that 83% of companies experience data breaches, and only four out of 12 tested solutions achieved exceptional security efficacy, with the average effectiveness sitting at 67%. These findings emphasize the need for improved cloud security measures as businesses increasingly migrate to cloud infrastructure.

Orca Security's AI-Powered Security Platform for Streamlined Cloud Protection

Orca Security, a provider of agentless cloud security, introduced an enhanced Cloud Security Platform that features integrated AI Security Posture Management capabilities. These capabilities allow organizations to use AI for security purposes without compromising efficiency. Orca's platform incorporates over 50 AI models and software packages, granting comprehensive visibility and security across an entire tech stack. This eliminates the need for additional security point solutions.

Orca's AI-SPM also uses its agentless SideScanning technology to provide comprehensive visibility and risk insights for AI models, akin to how it secures other cloud resources. It also addresses unique AI security needs, including the detection of sensitive data within training datasets.

Dell (News - Alert) Offers Solutions to Accelerate Network Cloud Transformation for CSPs

Dell introduced new solutions designed to assist communication service providers, or CSPs, in streamlining network cloud and operations transformation. These solutions prioritize improved economics, agility and unwavering network reliability. A key offering is the Dell Telecom Infrastructure Automation Suite, a software program designed to automate the orchestration and lifecycle management of multi-vendor network cloud infrastructure on a large scale. This suite, built on open standards and APIs, integrates into existing networks to grant CSPs the flexibility to manage their preferred infrastructure across distributed, multi-vendor environments.

Prosimo's AI Suite for Multi-Cloud Networking

Prosimo, a provider of multi-cloud networking software, launched its AI Suite for Multi-Cloud Networking. While the benefits of AI are undeniable, many enterprises struggle with sluggish adoption due to legacy system constraints. Prosimo's AI Suite provides organizations with everything required for AI readiness within a single, vertically integrated platform.

These stories remind us that cloud computing offers a cost-effective, scalable and secure way to access computing resources, and its influence is only expected to grow as technology continues to advance.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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