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Ecosmob Announces Dynamic IVR Solution
Ecosmob has announced a powerful new IVR solution designed for global enterprises to accommodate changing business and customer service needs.

By: Mandi Nowitz | 9/15/2017

Elision Technolab Unleashes Cloud Contact Center Solution
Elision Technoloab LLP has announced a new cloud contact center offering, Dialshree. This marks the Indian firm's first foray into the cloud contact c…

By: Maurice Nagle | 9/15/2017

Zipwhip Wins $22.5 Million Investment Towards Business Text Growth
Seattle-based startup Zipwhip has just landed $22.5 million dollars in funding for its business text messaging platform.

By: Mandi Nowitz | 9/13/2017

HelloSpoke Builds on Enghouse Contact Center Solution
Today, contact center solution provider, Enghouse Interactive, announced that VoIP provider HelloSpoke is set to unveil a new cloud contact center ser…

By: Maurice Nagle | 9/13/2017

Gemalto Goes Virtual Inside & Out
As businesses move to sell virtual rather than physical solutions, they need to think outside of the box. The world is moving to software, and that is…

By: Paula Bernier | 9/13/2017

MAXIMUS Outfits Government Agencies with Virtual Assistants
MAXIMUS Intelligent Assistant powered by Interactions enables callers to speak normally to virtual assistants to get the information they seek.

By: Paula Bernier | 9/8/2017

NICE inContact Enhances AI with AnswerDash Addition
NICE inContact announced AnswerDash as the newest member of the NICE inContcact DEVone Developer Program. In joining the program, AnswerDash brings wi…

By: Maurice Nagle | 9/8/2017

Vidyo Visual Communiations App Available in NICE inContact's CXexchange
Vidyo's VidyoEngage is now available on the CXexchange Marketplace, for NICE inContact users, to aid in creating the best face-to-face interactions.

By: Mandi Nowitz | 9/8/2017

Time to Integrate CRM and Contact Center
In order to see true contact center success, each component at play - agents, contact center technology, management, CRM and more - must be working in…

By: Maurice Nagle | 9/6/2017

The Increasing Necessity of Click-to-Call for CRM Solution Efficiency
In the highly competitive - and rapidly evolving - world of customer relationship management, the ability to shrewdly and accurately weigh the merits …

By: Special Guest | 9/6/2017

Delta Air Lines to Engage Customers Via Video Chat
Delta Air Lines has decided to implement video chatting when it comes to taking some customer service calls.

By: Mandi Nowitz | 9/1/2017

What's Driving, Enabling the Move to Software?
Companies that sell hardware need to figure out how to drive more value through software. And software companies need to make sure they're providing t…

By: Erik Linask | 8/31/2017

Weathering the Storm With Cloud Communications
Cloud-based communications help in the event of unexpected situations such as severe weather events.

By: Paula Bernier | 8/29/2017

Benefit Management Solutions Aims for Customer Satisfaction via NewVoiceMedia
Benefit Management Solutions is taking charge of its customer and business interactions by enlisting NewVoiceMedia and ContactWorld for Service with t…

By: Mandi Nowitz | 8/28/2017

Voxbone and CallMiner to Merge
On August 24, it was announced that resolution seeking company, CallMiner, and Voxbone had joined forces in one of the best possible mergers, no extra…

By: Mandi Nowitz | 8/28/2017

Contact Center Solutions Week In Review: NICE, SpiceCSM, & More
This week, Contact Center Solutions was all about making sure that customer engagement was on the forefront while technology is consistently making st…

By: Mandi Nowitz | 8/26/2017

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: NICE, SpiceCSM, & More
This week, Contact Center Solutions was all about making sure that customer engagement was on the forefront while technology is consistently making st…

By: Mandi Nowitz | 8/26/2017

NICE InContact Name SpiceCSM Newest DEVone Member
Recently, SpiceCSM became the newest member of inContact DEVone development program to aid in enhancing the NICE inContact CXone customer engagement p…

By: Maurice Nagle | 8/23/2017

Nexidia Analytics Answers Cries for Contact Center Efficiency
CSU Contact selected NICE's cloud-based Nexidia Analytics solution to boost contact center efficiency, and the results speak resoundingly. The Brazili…

By: Maurice Nagle | 8/22/2017

NICE Compliance Center Comes to Market
Today, NICE unveiled the NICE Compliance Center, a fully compliant call recording solution for the contact center industry, which brings together end-…

By: Maurice Nagle | 8/21/2017