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Making Your Contact Center a Profit Center
We all know the history of what we used to identify as "call centers." They were originally created to handle the volume of customer inquiries and com…

By: Peter Bernstein | 9/14/2015

FlexITy Launches Backup and Recovery Services Based on Asigra Cloud Backup Platform
FlexITy, a fast-growing IT service provider, recently announced that it has expanded its managed services portfolio with the addition of backup and re…

By: Clayton Hamshar | 9/14/2015

Barracuda Networks Launches Backup Virtual Appliance
Barracuda Networks, a company that specializes in cloud storage and the creation of virtual appliances, recently announced the launch of its Barracuda…

By: Casey Houser | 9/14/2015

InMoment's Active Listening Suite Allows Businesses to Uncover the Truth of Customer Issues
InMoment recently announced the availability of its Active Listening Suite (AL), an analytics tool capable of processing speech from 90 different lang…

By: Christopher Mohr | 9/9/2015

Software Monetization and the Internet of Things (IoT)
Whether you call it the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Internet of Everything (IoE), there is little doubt that we are moving toward a connected worl…

By: Peter Bernstein | 9/8/2015

ParkMyCloud Announces General Availability for AWS
ParkMyCloud has developed an application which allows business users to automatically schedule "on" or "off" states for their computing services. Now …

By: Casey Houser | 9/8/2015

Web Security Report Q3 2015
The Web Security Report provides web security trends, statistics, best practices, and resources for chief information security officers (CISOs) and IT…

By: Steve Morgan | 9/8/2015

Vocalcom to add Twitter Integration to Contact Center Software
Vocalcom to add Twitter integration to its contact center software to enhance omnichannel capabilities.

By: Oliver VanDervoort | 9/8/2015

FEMA Contracts with AT&T to Improve Contact Center Success Rates when Disasters Occur
AT&T with Interactive Intelligence as sub-contractor wins four year FEMA contract to improve disaster responsiveness.

By: Oliver VanDervoort | 9/8/2015

NaviSite Launches Onboarding Service for Migration to Cloud
For enterprises, moving to cloud-based applications and hardware can be a hassle. It takes a lot of planning beforehand to decide exactly which applic…

By: Casey Houser | 9/3/2015

New Ovum Report Ranks Interactive Intelligence Among Market Leaders
It is always nice to get industry recognition, especially when it is about being innovative and responsive and comes from independent industry analyst…

By: Peter Bernstein | 9/1/2015

What's Hurting the Contact Center Most? Report says IT Issues
Call Center Helper and NewVoiceMedia survey finds IT issues are hurting contact center performance.

By: Steve Anderson | 9/1/2015

The Cloud Holds Major Promise for the Healthcare Sector
The potential for cloud computing within the healthcare industry is tremendous, fostering tighter collaboration among professionals and better patient…

By: Laura Stotler | 8/31/2015

ClearSky Launches Global Storage Network as Alternative to Typical Cloud Service
ClearSky Data announced recently that it had launched a global storage network designed to simplify storage infrastructure and free IT departments fro…

By: Christopher Mohr | 8/28/2015

NTT Launches Multi-Cloud Offering to Facilitate Public and Hybrid Cloud Choice
Choice is one of the biggest competitive differentiators in the crowded cloud computing market. As customers become savvier about the cloud and its be…

By: Laura Stotler | 8/28/2015

Majority of Companies Expect the Cloud to Drive Revenues During Second Wave of Adoption
The cloud is riding its second wave of adoption, and organizations are beginning to understand its true scope and promise. At least according to a new…

By: Laura Stotler | 8/27/2015

Xactly Deploys Aryaka's WAN as-a-Service to Improve RDP Performance
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) directs data in high-performance telecommunication networks, but increasingly companies are finding it is not abl…

By: Michael Guta | 8/27/2015

What Does a Cloud Management Platform Provider Do? (And Other Questions You Were Afraid to Ask)
As cloud technology continues to become more ubiquitous, cloud management platform providers are growing more and more prevalent as a means to help or…

By: Special Guest | 8/26/2015

Verint Award Underscores Importance of Providing Compelling Customer Experience
Verient award for best practices in APAC by Frost & Sullivan highlights importance of customer experience globally.

By: Christopher Mohr | 8/26/2015

Veritone Launches Cloud-Based Cognitive Media Platform
So what is a Cognitive Media Platform and why is it important/disruptive? The answer to this question comes from Newport Beach, California-based Verit…

By: Peter Bernstein | 8/25/2015