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Frost & Sullivan Name Interactive Intelligence Best Latin American Contact Center of 2015
When it comes to finding a way to offer up the best contact center solutions in the world, a number of companies have taken a number of different appr…

By: Oliver VanDervoort | 11/3/2015

Interactive Intelligence Results Highlight Cloud Success, R&D and Marketing Emphasis
Readers are aware that the financial results of Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. have been a good barometer for both the company's performance and …

By: Peter Bernstein | 11/3/2015

Equinix Forges Massive Transatlantic Cloud Services Link with Hibernia Networks
A powerful new high-speed communications link has been forged between telecom service provider Hibernia Networks and Equinix. Hibernia announced it wi…

By: Laura Stotler | 11/3/2015

Australian Businesses Put Customer Experience ahead of Revenue Focus
Accenture study finds Australian businesses embrace putting the customer first as top priority as success will follow.

By: Casey Houser | 11/3/2015

Conquering Six Challenges in Deploying a Multichannel Contact Center
If you are an SMB that is part of that 50 percent, and possibly more important if you are not but know you need to move on this, the forthcoming webin…

By: Peter Bernstein | 10/27/2015

Blackboard's Kentucky Contact Center Draws More Praise
Blackboard, a leading education technology company, announced an increased partnership with the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), alongside its S…

By: Oliver VanDervoort | 10/26/2015

MaritzCX Opens Office in Sydney
MaritzCX, the customer experience that was established last year following the combination of Allegiance and Maritz Research, today announced it has o…

By: Paula Bernier | 10/20/2015

Infor Rolls Out Cloud Solution for Public Entities
Infor, already one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to business applications in industries that are trying to focus on the cloud, a…

By: Oliver VanDervoort | 10/20/2015

Wheelings & Dealings: Bracket Computing Scores More than $45 Million to Develop Secure Computing Cell
Secure virtual infrastructure provider for the cloud, Bracket Computing, has brought in a new funding round worth more than $45 million. The company i…

By: Laura Stotler | 10/20/2015

Introducing Google Cloud Datalab, a Tool for Data Processing and Visualization
Google has joined the open source data analysis party with Cloud Datalab, a new interactive tool based on the Google Cloud Platform and running on the…

By: Clayton Hamshar | 10/19/2015

Zillow Debuts Premier Agent Mobile App
Online real estate listing service Zillow Group has announced that it a new mobile app, Premier Agent, to make real estate agents more efficient, acco…

By: David Delony | 10/19/2015

Fintech Kenya Partners with Interactive Intelligence on Contact Center Solution
Contact center solutions are growing in the Middle East and Africa, as illustrated by the news that Fintech Kenya has partnered with customer experien…

By: Peter Bernstein | 10/16/2015

Cloud Computing Poised to Drive and Disrupt the IT World
SysAid Technologies, a global provider of ITSM, is in a unique position when it comes to observing the impact of cloud computing. We got a chance to s…

By: Laura Stotler | 10/14/2015

Frost & Sullivan Awards Interactive Intelligence as EMEA Company of the Year
Interactive Intelligence recognized by Frost & Sullivan in EMEA for second consecutive year.

By: Casey Houser | 10/12/2015

Precision Translation Tools to Release Slate Translation Tool for Windows
Precision Translation Tools (PTTools), a developer of language translation software, recently announced the upcoming launch of its Slate Desktop produ…

By: Casey Houser | 10/12/2015

Small Business Adoption of Cloud Computing Means Big Future for Market
A new report from BCC Research has its sights set extremely high for the cloud optical systems and componentry market. After estimating that the marke…

By: Andrew Bindelglass | 10/9/2015

NAVIS Releases Narrowcast Vacation Rental Edition
NAVIS, provider of integrated hospitality sales and marketing solutions, has announced their Narrowcast Vacation Rental Edition, a platform specifical…

By: Michael Guta | 10/8/2015

The Cloud's Impact on Fall Budgets
Special guest writer Penny Collen examines the impact cloud computing, increased metadata, and more accurate forecasting have had on annual fall budge…

By: Special Guest | 10/8/2015

FireLayers and Check Point Partner to Provide Extra Security
FireLayers and Check Point recently announced the creation of the Extend Perimeter Security (EPS) solution designed to prevent attacks that exploit vu…

By: Christopher Mohr | 10/6/2015

One of the Biggest Hazards to U.S. Emergency Systems is Right Behind You
What would it mean if a city saw a 28 percent increase in its 911 calls received over a three-year period? For the San Francisco Department of Emergen…

By: Steve Anderson | 10/6/2015