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3nets' Hybrid Multi-Cloud Service Delivery Platform Benefits Digital Transformation
3nets launched 3nets | CloudNavigator, which leverages cloud computing and multi-cloud networking constructs along with private/telecom networks for i…

By: Greg Tavarez | 7/19/2023

Combatting Insider Threats: Cato Networks Expands ZTNA Capabilities
To make ZTNA more effective, Cato has introduced new enhancements to its Cato SASE Cloud, including a unified ZTNA policy.

By: Greg Tavarez | 7/18/2023

Minimize Cloud Data Costs with Granica's AI Efficiency Platform
Granica announced its AI efficiency platform, bringing novel, fundamental research in data-centric AI to the commercial market as an enterprise soluti…

By: Greg Tavarez | 7/17/2023

LTIMindtree's Fuels Enterprise Innovation and Value Creation
LTIMindtree, a global technology consulting and digital solutions company, unveiled, an enterprise-ready generative AI platform aimed at pro…

By: Greg Tavarez | 7/16/2023

Lemonade Embraces Talon's Enterprise Browser for Enhanced Security Capabilities
Talon's Enterprise Browser offers a simplified and enhanced security solution that enables organizations to secure users across any location and devic…

By: Greg Tavarez | 7/16/2023

Enterprise Security Boosted as Orange Business, Orange Cyberdefense, and Palo Alto Networks Unite
Orange Business, in collaboration with Orange Cyberdefense and Palo Alto Networks, formed a strategic alliance to offer a managed SASE solution.

By: Greg Tavarez | 7/13/2023

Hybrid Cloud Solutions are the Preferred Path Forward for IT Leaders
Ninety-three percent of IT leaders strongly agree with the sentence, "I believe my organization needs to embrace a hybrid infrastructure model that sp…

By: Greg Tavarez | 7/13/2023

AVANT and LightEdge Join Forces to Offer Compliant Cloud Solutions to Underserved Markets
AVANT Communications and LightEdge have formed a partnership in order to address progressive challenges that businesses face as digital technologies c…

By: Alex Passett | 7/13/2023

Making the Dream Work: NetApp Renews its Multi-Year Strategic Partnership with DreamWorks Animation
As part of a renewed partnership agreement, NetApp will stay on as the preferred data management and cloud services provider for DreamWorks Animation.

By: Alex Passett | 7/12/2023

Paperspace Acquisition Positions DigitalOcean for AI Expansion
DigitalOcean took a significant stride in the AI/ML arena with its recent acquisition of Paperspace.

By: Greg Tavarez | 7/11/2023

Misconfigurations and Alert Fatigue: Cloud Security Exposes Organizations' Vulnerabilities
Misconfigurations, which affect 59% of organizations, not only leave organizations vulnerable but also impede their ability to fully leverage the pote…

By: Greg Tavarez | 7/11/2023

Accelerate Net Zero Goals with Global Network for Zero Platform
The Global Network for Zero, or GNFZ, announced the launch of its platform that enables individuals and organizations to accelerate their net zero com…

By: Greg Tavarez | 7/7/2023

IBM Quantum System One to Propel Research and Innovation at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute will house an IBM Quantum System One, intended to be operational by January of 2024, to serve as the foundation of a …

By: Greg Tavarez | 7/6/2023

Generative AI and Cyber Safety: Rubrik and Microsoft Thwart Bad Actors
A new Rubrik Security Cloud, Microsoft Sentinel, and Azure OpenAI Service integration demonstrates how organizations can strengthen their cyber resili…

By: Alex Passett | 7/6/2023

Vega Cloud Empowers Enterprises with Benchmarking and Gamification in FinOps Platform
Vega Cloud has launched VScore Benchmarking and Cloud Heroes Gamification to further help companies and ensure they are not wasting money on cloud inf…

By: Greg Tavarez | 7/5/2023

Multicloud Adoption Soars, Yet Skills Gap Remains
In the haste to embrace multicloud architectures, many organizations are discovering that they lack the necessary resources and skills to succeed.

By: Greg Tavarez | 7/5/2023

Finout Launches AI-Powered Cost Optimizer for AWS
An AI-driven Finout Cost Optimizer is a tool that can help companies reduce their AWS expenses by up to 60 percent.

By: Stefania Viscusi | 7/3/2023

Red Access Secures Browsing with Agentless Platform
The Red Access agentless browsing security platform revolutionizes the way companies approach online security by offering a browser-agnostic solution …

By: Greg Tavarez | 7/3/2023

Kentik Maps Traffic and Performance Across Hybrid and Public Cloud Environments
Network observability company Kentik announced the general availability of Kentik Map for Azure and extensive support for Microsoft Azure infrastructu…

By: Greg Tavarez | 6/30/2023

AWS Invests $100 Million in Generative AI Innovation Center
Amazon Web Services is investing $100 million in a new program to connect its AI and ML experts with global customers and partners, fast-tracking gene…

By: Alex Passett | 6/28/2023