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Security and Software Buyers: A New Survey with Updated Figures and Trends
A recent study from Capterra highlighted data and software-buying trends amongst surveyed businesses.

By: Alex Passett | 3/27/2023

Organizations Elevate Security by Eliminating Hidden Risks in IAM
Elevate Security, known for proactively safeguarding an organization's riskiest users, is elevating IAM methodologies by integrating its user risk pro…

By: Greg Tavarez | 3/24/2023

Businesses Deliver Measurable Value from AI Investments with DataRobot
DataRobot AI Platform 9.0 allows customers to leverage value-driven AI, a unique and collaborative approach that helps businesses deliver measurable v…

By: Greg Tavarez | 3/23/2023

Cloud Storage Costs (and Solutions) are on the Rise
Virtana's latest report on hybrid cloud storage trends found that 84% of all respondents advocate for the cloud, but 55% of that same group feel appre…

By: Alex Passett | 3/23/2023

Ingram Micro and C-Facts Invest in Cloud Cost Management, Together
Ingram Micro and C-Facts have signed a five-year deal to make C-Facts' services worldwide available for all Ingram Micro Cloud Partners and their cust…

By: Alex Passett | 3/22/2023

O-RAN Ecosystem Testing through NTT DOCOMO and Spirent
Emulation is at the very heart of O-RAN compliance, performance, and interoperability testing. That's why NTT DOCOMO has selected technologies from Sp…

By: Alex Passett | 3/22/2023

"Experience Assurance" Changes the Game for Real-Time Communications and Telco Cloud
A telco cloud focuses on the creation of a common virtualized infrastructure to manage network functions, where each function is disaggregated from th…

By: Reece Loftus | 3/21/2023

Normalyze Makes History, Receiving the First-Ever Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) Patent
Today, cloud data security solutions provider Normalyze announced that it has been granted a fundamental patent for DSPM by the U.S. Patent and Tradem…

By: Alex Passett | 3/21/2023

New Relic's Observability Integration Empowers Engineers to Extract Value from GPT Applications
New Relic announced a machine learning (ML) operations capability that allows engineering teams to monitor applications built with OpenAI's GPT Series…

By: Greg Tavarez | 3/20/2023

Alkira Takes Channel Presence to New Heights via HighPoint
Alkira has entered a partnership with HighPoint, a provider of technology infrastructure solutions.

By: Greg Tavarez | 3/17/2023

Winning Teams in Telco: and Snowflake Partner to Bring the Telecom Data Cloud to Life
AI and cloud software company announced its ML collaboration with cloud and data platform company Snowflake for the launch of Snowflake's Telec…

By: Alex Passett | 3/17/2023

T-Mobile Officially Pairs 5G Advanced Network Solutions with AWS
As the first U.S. wireless provider to work with AWS on delivering customized 5G edge compute offerings, T-Mobile is setting a standard for industry t…

By: Alex Passett | 3/17/2023

Southwest Chooses AWS to Enhance Travel Experiences
Southwest chose AWS as its preferred cloud provider to enhance its customer journey, better optimize operations, and streamline infrastructure costs.

By: Greg Tavarez | 3/16/2023

Global Tech Spend Forecasted to Reach $4.4 Trillion
Across North America, EMEA and APAC, software and IT investments fueled by the cloud are forecasted to capture nearly two-thirds of global tech spend …

By: Alex Passett | 3/16/2023

Winners of the 2023 Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award Announced
The Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award honors vendors with the most innovative, useful, and beneficial cloud products and services that have be…

By: CustomerZone360 News | 3/15/2023

ThoughtSpot, GPT-3 Boost Customer Confidence in Using AI
ThoughtSpot and GPT-3 integrate to make analytics accessible, trusted and scalable through AI.

By: Greg Tavarez | 3/14/2023

Tele Columbus Moves on From Existing Network to Deliver Better User Experiences
Tele Columbus decided it was time to move from its existing network architecture to an open architecture and turned to Juniper and NEC.

By: Greg Tavarez | 3/13/2023

New Relic Acts on Climate Change with Net-Zero Emissions Goal
New Relic set its goal to achieve net-zero GHG emissions and a commitment to set near-term science based GHG emissions targets.

By: Greg Tavarez | 3/9/2023

Extreme Networks Says Infinite Enterprise is Here to Stay
ITEXPO 2023 attendees were treated to a fast-paced half-hour discussion on "Why the Infinite Enterprise is Here to Stay in the Digital World."

By: Bill Yates | 3/7/2023

Bandwidth Flexibility Imperative for Service Providers
Bandwidth is important. Managing the consumption of the data is every bit as important as managing its transmission.

By: Bill Yates | 3/6/2023