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Benefits of Using Cloud Computing in Your Business
Nowadays, technology is advancing at a very fast pace that sometimes it is hard to keep up. New technologies that provide revolutionary solutions are …

By: Special Guest | 2/26/2021

Making Sense of Today's Multi-Cloud Environment: Why Connected Enterprises Should Care about Meaning, Not Location
The trends are clear. Data exists in a larger number of locations than ever before; strategic data movement beyond mere copying is on the rise; and, m…

By: Special Guest | 2/24/2021

New IBM/Palatnir Cloud Solution to Simplify AI Integration
A new solution created by IBM and Palantir will give businesses with less technical resources the ability to utilize AI solutions and services.

By: Luke Bellos | 2/10/2021

Understanding the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace
Cloud computing has been one of the greatest things to happen to the web hosting industry. It has made the proliferation of the Internet happen at a m…

By: Special Guest | 2/9/2021

Leveraging the Speed of Cloud to Better Serve New Normal & Survive A Year of Profound Change
The COVID-19 pandemic has upended our lives, changing the way we work, shop, go to school, socialize, and seek medical attention. Even when we can fin…

By: Special Guest | 2/8/2021

Organizations Have Options for Deploying Data in the Cloud, Here's Why In-VPC is the Best Choice
It is possible to get the best of the cloud and still fully control your data services, storage volumes, locations, access, configuration, encryption,…

By: Special Guest | 2/5/2021

Top Predictions for Service Provider Networks for 2021
2020 has been a challenging year for the entire world. We predict the pandemic response in 2020 will have a lasting impact on how and where consumers …

By: Special Guest | 2/2/2021

Combating Security Threats: How Can Businesses Secure their Corporate Data?
Technology for the business sector has advanced more than it has affected any other industry. Because of business communication through emails, they a…

By: Special Guest | 1/29/2021

Infosys and Nvidia Unveil Applied AI Cloud
Digital consulting firm Infosys has just announced the release of a new applied AI Cloud, which will allow developers to utilize machine learning hard…

By: Luke Bellos | 1/21/2021

Survey Shows Government Agencies Rapidly Migrating to Cloud Storage
A new survey release shows that many government agencies at all levels are adapting to cloud technology, while also noticing benefits after moving to …

By: Luke Bellos | 1/12/2021

Will 2021 be a Better Year for the Channel than 2020?
In the digitally accelerated COVID-19 environment of 2021 what are the top channel trends that organizations are facing? Here is my take on the channe…

By: Special Guest | 1/12/2021

Avetra Boosts Digital Services for E&U Clients with Support from IBM Cloud
The two companies are teaming up to help bring stronger digital cloud services for energy and utility companies across the globe.

By: Luke Bellos | 1/6/2021

DevOps vs SRE - two sides of the same coin?
DevOps and SRE (site reliability engineering) are confusingly similar. They share many of the same goals and methods. But they're by no means the same…

By: Special Guest | 1/5/2021

Cloud Computing Magazine Announces Winners of 2020 Backup and Disaster Recovery Awards
TMC announced the recipients of the 2020 Backup and Disaster Recovery Awards, presented by Cloud Computing magazine.

By: CustomerZone360 News | 12/21/2020

Reducing IT Risk, Maximizing Productivity with Remote Workers
It needs have changed with the prevalence of remote workforces. How can companies support productivity in work from home models while helping maintain…

By: Erik Linask | 12/15/2020

5 Data Trends to Watch 2021
As enterprises continue to collect more and more data, they are looking for better ways to manage and orchestrate this data. Here are five data trends…

By: Special Guest | 12/2/2020

Salesforce to Acquire Slack in Biggest Benioff Acquisition to Date
Salesforce to buy collaboration firm Slack to create integrated CRM-communications platform.

By: Erik Linask | 12/1/2020

Why Browser-Based Online Meetings Are Becoming More Popular
Effectively communicating with your team via an online two-way group communication platform starts with simple, intuitive, and user-centric technology…

By: Special Guest | 11/25/2020

Maximizing Productivity in a Remote World with Cloud Communications
Cloud communications is the path to business productivity as businesses continue to leverage remote workforces.

By: Erik Linask | 11/20/2020

How to Implement ERP Software Into Your Workspace
Think about all of the processes and tasks that your staff members perform each day. They manage inventory, schedule production jobs, generate invoice…

By: Special Guest | 11/13/2020