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Not All Clouds Are Created Equal
Data in transit, traveling to and through the cloud, is at risk. But there's also danger while it's stored or processed. And as more organizations loo…

By: Special Guest | 1/23/2017

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: DialogTech, TELUS, SnapCap
The Contact Center Solutions Week in Review offers a chance to quickly go over the top headlines from the past week related to workforce optimization …

By: Stefania Viscusi | 1/21/2017

As Contact Center Solutions Change, So Must the Contact Center
As contact center solutions, chat bots can serve a lot of functions. They can easily answer simple questions: "What are your hours?" "Can I check my b…

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic | 1/18/2017

Aviatrix Raises $15M in B Round
Aviatrix, a company that addresses the network part of hybrid cloud, today revealed it has raised $15 million in a Series B funding round. New investo…

By: Paula Bernier | 1/18/2017

SnapCap Chooses DialogTech Contact Center Solution
SnapCap has implemented DialogTech's contact center solution to optimize agent performance and discover which marketing tactics result in the most lea…

By: Alicia Young | 1/17/2017

Software Monetization Solutions Help Medical Equipment Vendors Transition to Services Economy
Medical equipment vendors can use software monetization solutions to stay competitive as they transition to an embedded software and services-based bu…

By: Laura Stotler | 1/17/2017

Economic Uncertainty: Nearshore and Offshore Outsourcing of Contact Center Solutions
While manufacturing and IT outsourcing may realize significant changes from potential legislation that would incentivize companies to decrease offshor…

By: Special Guest | 1/17/2017

Cracking the Cloud Migration Code
For many businesses today, the discussion of whether to move to the cloud is over. It is now a question of when-and, more importantly, how.

By: Special Guest | 1/16/2017

TELUS Makes Strides in Contact Center Operations
Enghouse Interactive's TELUS offers users a more powerful solution in the contact center field.

By: Steve Anderson | 1/16/2017

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Samsung, Dialoga, Aspect & More
The Contact Center Solutions week in review is a recap of all the top stories making headlines about contact centers this past week.

By: Alicia Young | 1/14/2017

Contact Center Anchors Omni-Channel Customer Experience
While every department, including sales, marketing, advertising, shipping and third-party retailers, will need to have a hand in the omni-channel cust…

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic | 1/11/2017

Streamline the Agent Experience with Mobility
Thanks to the Aspect contact center solution, agents can now proactively take better control of their working days with an easy-to-use app that empowe…

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic | 1/11/2017

How to Optimally Manage Various Environments on the Cloud
Cloud for business is no longer optional. Startups need the cloud for its speed and ease, while enterprises need the cloud for its scalability. No mat…

By: Special Guest | 1/10/2017

Contact Centers Get WebRTC Boost from Dialoga
Dialoga Group's WebRTC platform to deliver new value for contact center operations.

By: Steve Anderson | 1/10/2017

Samsung Launches New Campaign to Improve Customer Service in India
Samsung has just launched a digital campaign to improve customer service across India by providing services to the doorsteps of rural and semi-urban c…

By: Michael Guta | 1/10/2017

Software Monetization: Do You Know How Much Your Product is Worth?
An upcoming TMC webinar sponsored by Gemalto, titled "Monetizing Innovation: How Smart Companies Design the Product Around Price," will discuss a mode…

By: Stefania Viscusi | 1/9/2017

Combining High Performance Computing with Big Data Analytics on the Same Infrastructure
The cloud computing revolution continues to change the way organizations view their IT resources. OpenStack cloud software provides a common, open sou…

By: Special Guest | 1/9/2017

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Aspect, NICE, Genesys
The Contact Center Solutions Week in Review offers a chance to quickly go over the top headlines from the past week related to workforce optimization …

By: Stefania Viscusi | 1/7/2017

Best Practices are Key to Software Monetization in Today's Tech Economy
Organizations that develop and sell software and services should follow a best practices methodology to software monetization to ensure they are glean…

By: Laura Stotler | 1/6/2017

Ten Best Global Telecom Companies in 2017
The world has huge telecommunications and wireless connection needs, and with the increasing influence and growth of mobile, the telecommunications in…

By: Special Guest | 1/6/2017