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$100M Fuels Alkira's Mission: Building the Future of Secure, Scalable Networks
Alkira closed on a $100 million Series C funding round, bringing the company's total funding raised to date to $176 million.

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/24/2024

CrowdStrike and Google Cloud Announce AI Security Pact
The partnership focuses on CrowdStrike's Endpoint Detection and Response, Identity Threat Detection and Response and Exposure Management solutions.

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/23/2024

Expanding Connectivity: e& is Partnering with Cato Networks to Support Global Enterprise Customers
e& and Cato Networks have announced a strategic partnership during International Telecoms Week.

By: Alex Passett | 5/21/2024

Security and Performance United: Cisco's AI-Powered Self-Hosted Observability Platform
Cisco announced a new virtual appliance for its AppDynamics On-Premises application observability offering that allows customers to use a self-hosted …

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/21/2024

Juniper Networks Enhances Connectivity with AI-Powered Insights and Access Control
Juniper Networks announced enhancements to its AI-Native Networking Platform that it says will raise the standard for proactive insight and automation…

By: Stefania Viscusi | 5/21/2024

SentinelOne's New Cloud Security Platform Simulates Attacks to Identify Real Vulnerabilities
SentinelOne's Singularity Cloud Native Security Platform, or CNAPP, an innovation stemming from their February 2024 acquisition of PingSafe, utilizes …

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/21/2024

On its Journey to Make Cloud Data More Accessible, Sigma Computing Raises $200M in Series D Funding
Just last week, Sigma announced that it successfully raised a whopping $200 million in Series D funding.

By: Alex Passett | 5/20/2024

HPE Announces New Innovations for Hybrid Cloud Management with HPE GreenLake Cloud
Hewlett Packard Enterprise introduced several new solutions within the HPE GreenLake cloud to help streamline the management and optimization of stora…

By: Stefania Viscusi | 5/20/2024

Cisco Fortifies Security Cloud with AI-Powered Innovations
Cisco announced advancements across its Cisco Security Cloud platform, designed to safeguard organizations in the age of AI.

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/15/2024

Red Hat's Extended Automation Tackles Hybrid Cloud Challenges
Red Hat's Ansible Automation Platform offers a reliable automation solution that spans all aspects of business operations.

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/14/2024

Cloudflare Offers Free Threat Defense: Unified Risk Posture Platform
Cloudflare for Unified Risk Posture is a new suite of risk management solutions designed to streamline the process of identifying, evaluating and mana…

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/13/2024

ICYMI: Updates in the Cloud
Here are several articles compiled into one for readers interested in developments around the cloud computing space.

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/10/2024

Riverbed Launches Advanced AI Platform, Introduces New Solutions
Riverbed, a provider of AI Observability solutions, introduced its most advanced AI-powered observability platform aimed at optimizing digital experie…

By: Stefania Viscusi | 5/10/2024

Red Hat and Partners Fuel AI Adoption with Open Hybrid Cloud Technologies
The recent launch of Red Hat OpenShift AI further strengthens the company's commitment to AI innovation.

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/10/2024

PQtunnel by nodeQ Protects Against Quantum Threats
Recently, nodeQ developed PQtunnel to assist businesses of all sizes with transitioning their end-to-end, or E2E, secure communication to PQC.

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/9/2024

Building a Quantum-Safe Future: Keysight Introduces Post-Quantum Crypto Testing
Keysight Inspector, part of the company's recently acquired device security research and test lab Riscure, now scrutinizes hardware implementations of…

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/7/2024

Intel's Spin Qubits Set New Benchmark for Quantum Computing Performance
Intel's quantum hardware team developed a 300-millimeter cryogenic probing process.

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/6/2024

Trofeo Debuts and Offers Scalable Cloud Strategies
Trofeo offers a comprehensive range of cloud solutions, including cloud strategy and design, application migration and Azure implementation and optimi…

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/3/2024

Cloud Forensics Made Easy: Orca Security Launches New Incident Response Service
Orca Security released new capabilities and services that enable rapid investigation and response to cloud-native infrastructure attacks.

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/3/2024

Corelight Backed in Massive $150M Funding Round by Accel, Cisco and CrowdStrike
New funding (with support from Accel, Cisco Investments and CrowdStrike Falcon Fund) for Open NDR platform provider Corelight will allow it to acceler…

By: Alex Passett | 5/2/2024