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9 Ways Automation Will Improve Customer Experience
Customer service is overtaking product and price as the determine factor for which brands customers choose. Customers are looking for four key element…

By: Erik Linask | 3/4/2019

Software Vendors Don't Overlook UX in Monetization Efforts
For businesses of all kinds, the customer experience is paramount. For software solution providers, the customer experience extends from the incubatio…

By: Maurice Nagle | 3/1/2019

Radisys Adds Advanced Speech Recognition to Its MediaEngine Product
As the world becomes more automated and communications become smarter and more analytical, speech recognition becomes a critical element of communicat…

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic | 2/26/2019

Ribbon Showcases Portfolio of Communications Software Solutions at MWC Barcelona 2019
Ribbon Communications Inc. - a global software leader in secure and intelligent cloud communications will be amongst other big names displaying how le…

By: Arti Loftus | 2/26/2019

Governance as Code: Keeping Pace with the Rate of Change in the Cloud
The rate of change in the cloud has surpassed the capability of humans to keep pace. So, has "digital transformation" evolved from an amorphous buzzwo…

By: Lenildo Morais | 2/26/2019

Eliminating Customer Frustrations with Self-Service Options
Good self-service options not only solve customers' problems, but they also give customers a sense of accomplishment and reduce the frustration that o…

By: Erik Linask | 2/25/2019

Sentinel Up Shrinks Cost While Skyrocketing Satisfaction
A vendor that develops lighting measurement applications for industries including commercial lighting, automotive and aerospace provides customers wit…

By: Maurice Nagle | 2/22/2019

NovelVox Unveils Credit Union Unity
This week, NovelVox unveiled the Credit Union Unity portfolio for contact centers. The newly released suite is geared to meet the specific needs - i.e…

By: Maurice Nagle | 2/22/2019

The Need for Disaggregated Cloud Infrastructures
The need to disaggregate compute and storage resources is now an IT priority so that organizations can stretch their dollars and improve the utilizati…

By: Special Guest | 2/21/2019

Managed Cloud Services Offer Advantages for Financial Institutions
Managed private cloud services help middle market companies meet customers' specific business and regulatory requirements through customization within…

By: Special Guest | 2/20/2019

How IVR Can Boost Profitability
Modern IVR is full of capabilities that integrate with other business solutions and processes to make the most of customers' time on the phone - for b…

By: Erik Linask | 2/18/2019

Keeping Customers Informed to Grow Revenue
Communication is key in business. Whether we're talking about the Monday conference call with the sales team or educating customers on product updates…

By: Maurice Nagle | 2/15/2019

TMC Announces Recipients of the 2018 Cloud Computing Excellence Awards
TMC today announced the winners of the 2018 Cloud Computing Excellence Awards.

By: CustomerZone360 News | 2/13/2019

Cloud Computing Magazine Announces Winners of 2018 Backup and Disaster Recovery Awards
TMC today announced the recipients of the 2018 Backup and Disaster Recovery Awards, presented by Cloud Computing magazine.

By: CustomerZone360 News | 2/12/2019

Bright Pattern, Paxyl Partner to Proliferate Omnichannel Contact Center Presence
Bright Pattern announced a new partnership with Paxyl Solutions, enabling the new partner to offer mid-market and enterprise customers user-friendly, …

By: Maurice Nagle | 2/12/2019

HIMSS to Serve as Stage for Spok Contact Center Solution Release
Spok Holdings is demonstrating its cloud-native enterprise communications platform that includes a fully integrated healthcare contact center with cli…

By: Maurice Nagle | 2/11/2019

ITEXPO Explores CPaaS
ITEXPO provides a convergence point for the communications space, and this year's event took a deep dive into enterprise collaboration. The session, "…

By: Special Guest | 2/8/2019

Getting Down to Specifics with Software Monetization
Software companies today are putting an emphasis on monetizing their software by introducing new ways to generate revenue by providing their customers…

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic | 2/7/2019

How to Identify and Eliminate the Pain Points across the Customer Journey
Discovering the root cause of a customer experience friction point requires a classification model that incorporates an exhaustive list of that compan…

By: Special Guest | 2/5/2019

What the Cloud Means for MSPs
The digital age is all about increasing monthly recurring revenue. Companies need to understand things are changing. People are seeing a huge shift in…

By: Special Guest | 2/4/2019