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The Blueprint for Cost-Efficient Mobile AppSec
With mobile apps being vital to business success, organizations must optimize mobile AppSec productivity, minimize costs and deliver high-quality mobi…

By: Special Guest | 6/13/2023

VirnetX and Envoy Data Security: A Partnership to Empower Cybersecurity Needs
VirnetX and Envoy Data Security have partnered in order to secure SMB customers in myriad industries, as well as existing channel partners that range …

By: Alex Passett | 6/12/2023

Remote.It Unveils Docker Network Jumpbox for Automated Zero Trust Network Access
Remote.It, a SaaS-based network management service, announced the release of a new feature, Docker Network Jumpbox.

By: Stefania Viscusi | 6/9/2023

Checkmarx Launches Innovative AI-driven Capabilities that Reduce AppSec Risk
Checkmarx announced its new AI Query Builders and AI Guided Remediation to help development and AppSec teams more accurately discover and remediate ap…

By: Greg Tavarez | 6/7/2023

A Team-Up for Cloud Efficiencies: Zesty and skyPurple Help Enterprises Save on Costs
Within the first month of their partnership, cloud-centric companies Zesty and skyPurple Cloud reported that the latter's customers were saving thousa…

By: Alex Passett | 6/6/2023

Modernizing IT Teams and Driving Innovation: The Transformative Power of Cloud
The massive adoption of cloud computing is driving a spectacular shift in IT roles today, as IT teams look to support digital transformation projects.

By: CustomerZone360 Staff | 6/6/2023

Fujitsu and Microsoft Join Forces to Develop Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Future
The joint efforts of Fujitsu and Microsoft will enable organizations to swiftly adapt to environmental changes, enhance patient experiences in healthc…

By: Greg Tavarez | 6/6/2023

Traceable AI Unveils API Security Reference Architecture Founded on Zero Trust
Traceable AI has announced its API Security Reference Architecture for Zero Trust, designed to serve as a blueprint for security leaders, addressing t…

By: Erik Linask | 6/5/2023

The Emerging Focus on SaaS Security
A growing reliance on SaaS applications presents new security challenges because organizations are now finding their critical data residing outside th…

By: Erik Linask | 6/5/2023

Juniper Networks and AIOps: A Revolution in Network Management
Juniper's latest enhancements are a move towards a future where AI and advanced wireless technology play a more central role in delivering predictable…

By: Erik Linask | 6/2/2023

Verizon Undergoes Task to Modernize USPS Customer Support Infrastructure
Verizon announced a 10-year contract valued at up to $145,700,000 with the USPS; this further solidifies Verizon's position as the USPS' primary strat…

By: Greg Tavarez | 6/2/2023

Newgen Launches OmniXtract 4.0, Streamlines Intelligent Data Extraction from Documents
Newgen Software, a global provider of cloud-native process automation and digital transformations, launched OmniXtract 4.0, which is chock-full of upg…

By: Alex Passett | 6/2/2023

ServiceNow Redefines Observability Landscape with Cloud Application Solution
ServiceNow Cloud Observability helps organizations manage the growing scale and complexity of cloud and cloud-native infrastructure.

By: Greg Tavarez | 6/1/2023

Ransomware Tactics Exposed: Veeam Uncovers Focus on Backup Storage
Veeam revealed in its 2023 Ransomware Trends Report that nearly one in seven organizations will witness the compromise of almost all their data.

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/30/2023

Platform9 Unveils Cost-Effective Solution for Legacy Virtual Machines
Platform9 recently released its products, Platform9 KubeVirt and Platform9 Managed Kubernetes, to address the most pressing budget, staffing and opera…

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/26/2023

Eliminating Peak Billing and Enhancing Efficiency: New Relic Unveils Infrastructure Monitoring Solution
New Relic unveiled an integrated and comprehensive solution for infrastructure monitoring and application performance management.

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/25/2023

Defending the Cloud: Wasabi and Opti9 Tag Team Against Cyber Threats
Wasabi and Opti9 have partnered to natively integrate comprehensive disaster recovery services and AI-powered ransomware detection into their systems …

By: Erik Linask | 5/24/2023

Maximize Cost Savings on AWS with CloudKeeper Auto
CloudKeeper Auto is designed to help organizations optimize their AWS EC2 reservations, while also providing cloud cost savings.

By: Greg Tavarez | 5/24/2023

Secure Remote Computing: Zero-Trust Network Access via Leostream and AWS
Leostream announced Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for secure remote computing in Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments.

By: Alex Passett | 5/24/2023

IBM Boosts Cyber Security and AI Skills in Schools: A Step Towards a Safer Digital Future
IBM has made an ongoing commitment to bolstering cyber resiliency in schools, provide $5 million grants aimed at enhancing cyber security and AI skill…

By: Erik Linask | 5/23/2023