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FusionLayer and Nearby Computing Introduce Zero-Touch Network Blueprint
FusionLayer announced a new solution blueprint for automating network instantiation and management processes in the edge clouds in collaboration with …

By: Greg Tavarez | 10/12/2023

Faster Application Issue Resolution with Juniper's Expanded Multivendor Networking Solution
Juniper announced new Juniper Apstra capabilities that enhance operator experiences to facilitate the deployment and operations of private data center…

By: Greg Tavarez | 10/9/2023

CloudFabrix's New AI-Driven Solution Revolutionizes Telco Service Assurance
CloudFabrix unveiled an AI-driven Telco Service Assurance and Automation Solution that leverages the power of Data automation and AutoML.

By: Stefania Viscusi | 10/9/2023

AWS Drives Generative AI Evolution with New Offerings
AWS announced new offerings that are set to accelerate generative AI innovation.

By: Greg Tavarez | 10/6/2023

Edgecore's New Switch Provides Ethernet Fabric for AI/ML Workloads
The DCS560 switch is engineered to deliver an Ethernet-based fabric tailored for AI/ML workloads.

By: Greg Tavarez | 10/4/2023

SASE Certification Beta Program by MEF and CyberRatings Fosters Trust in Cybersecurity Solutions
The SASE certification program, developed in alignment with CyberRatings' methodologies and testing protocols, is set to provide trust in cybersecurit…

By: Greg Tavarez | 10/4/2023

Eaton Unveils New Software Suite Revolutionizing Data Center Operations
Eaton's new platform empowers operators to meet the demands of the digital age and focus on advancing sustainability goals while ensuring great operat…

By: Stefania Viscusi | 9/28/2023

Data and IT Leaders Leverage Hyperscale Data and AI/ML for Strategic Gains
Ocient wanted to dive into how IT experts are handling challenges in data management and processing (especially through hyperscaling) in a recent repo…

By: Greg Tavarez | 9/27/2023

Cloud Range Introduces Range365, Next Gen Cyber Defense Training and Testing
With the power of the cloud, Range365 makes it possible for organizations to create their own virtual cyber ranges.

By: Stefania Viscusi | 9/27/2023

Oracle's New Initiative with Applied Invention Promises a Security Revolution
Oracle plans to release the Oracle Zero-Trust Packet Routing Platform based on the new standard that helps organizations prevent unauthorized access o…

By: Greg Tavarez | 9/26/2023

Cisco's Strategic Move with Splunk Gives Boost to Digital Resilience
The collaboration between Cisco and Splunk promises to unlock the full potential of data, enhancing the security and digital resilience of organizatio…

By: Greg Tavarez | 9/26/2023

Ericsson and Google Cloud Collaborate to Expand Cloud RAN Offering
Ericsson announced an expansion of its partnership with Google Cloud focused on the development of an Ericsson Cloud RAN solution integrated with Goog…

By: Stefania Viscusi | 9/26/2023

The Neglected Threat: Insider Risks Remain Unaddressed in Cyber Budgets
Insider risks cost organizations an average of $16.2 million per year, according to a Ponemon Institute and DTEX Systems report.

By: Greg Tavarez | 9/25/2023

Salesforce Makes the Switch: Global Hybrid Cloud Now Powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Salesforce is standardizing the full scope of its hybrid cloud infrastructure on enterprise Linux platform Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

By: Greg Tavarez | 9/22/2023

Inadequate Cloud Management Drains IT Resources
More than half of IT professionals admit their organizations waste significant IT spend due to inefficiencies with cloud platforms and services, accor…

By: Greg Tavarez | 9/22/2023

New Spirent Solution Verifies Resilience of Cloud-Based 5G Services
Spirent CloudSure evaluates and validates CNF resiliency within 5G networks with comprehensive testing capabilities to help ensure reliable service de…

By: Greg Tavarez | 9/22/2023

Tata Joins Forces with NVIDIA for Extensive AI Infrastructure
The AI cloud will be bolstered by Tata Communications' extensive global network, so enterprises can seamlessly transfer data across the AI cloud at fa…

By: Stefania Viscusi | 9/20/2023

Gigamon's partners have embraced the new Gigamon Precryption technology as a game-changing innovation to empower customers against cyberthreats lurkin…

By: Greg Tavarez | 9/19/2023

Innovative Cloud Native DevSecOps Platform Revealed by CloudBees
CloudBees, a software delivery platform for enterprises, released a new cloud native DevSecOps platform that places platform engineers and developer e…

By: Greg Tavarez | 9/19/2023

Fortinet and Wiz Fortify Cloud Workload Environments
Fortinet and Wiz are in a partnership that sees Wiz join the Fortinet Fabric-Ready Technology Alliance Partner Program and Fortinet join the Wiz Integ…

By: Greg Tavarez | 9/18/2023