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What You Need to Know About Application Security Testing
Application Security is as important as application development. This is because it is the major factor that determines how secure an application is f…

By: Special Guest | 7/27/2020

Making Sound Business Decisions Based On Big Data
Big data on its own does not tell the story, it's what you do with it that can reduce costs and time, optimize product development,develop new revenue…

By: Special Guest | 7/27/2020

Is true cloud interoperability finally here?
To say cloud technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past decade would be an understatement. CEOs and CTOs are no longer talking "cloud," t…

By: Special Guest | 7/24/2020

Building Waze for The Next Internet
Internet speeds from ISPs are slower than promised, enterprise outages cost more than $700 billion per year, and congestion on the Internet is endemic…

By: Special Guest | 7/22/2020

CISO and CDO Meeting of the Minds: Data Security is Key to Digital Transformation
With the emergence of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) at many organizations, there is an increasing understanding about the benefits of commercializing o…

By: Special Guest | 7/22/2020

How Cloud Computing Influences Artificial Intelligence
Cloud computing refers to the availability of computing power and cloud storage without the active management of the user. Some people define it as on…

By: Special Guest | 7/16/2020

Cloud CRM Leader Pega Taps Ironsphere to Enhance AWS Security with Privileged Access Management Software
This week, two companies launched a partnership that addresses the growing need for Cloud CRM security - Ironsphere, a secure access management softwa…

By: Juhi Fadia | 7/14/2020

The New Cybersecurity Frontier for Enterprises: The Browser
An emerging technology that is poised to grow dramatically given the explosion of Work From Home (WFH) scenarios caused by the global pandemic, Browse…

By: Arti Loftus | 7/13/2020

The Borderless Enterprise: Optimizing Networking at the Edge
Your organization wants to embrace the cloud and all its benefits-yet you need a simpler, more reliable way to manage your network, devices, apps and …

By: Special Guest | 7/9/2020

Data at The Edge: Cloud Computing, Edge Data Centers Drive Completely New Paradigm for More Distributed World
Earlier this month, NetEvents inter@ctive held a virtual event entitled "What's Hot in Networking & Analyst Views," bringing together a senior panel o…

By: Arti Loftus | 6/23/2020

Cloud Technology Keeps Small Businesses Alive During COVID-19
Recent research confirms how critical cloud-based solutions have been to small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By: Erik Linask | 6/18/2020

Winners of the 2020 Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award Announced
TMC announced the winners of the 2020 Cloud Computing Product of the Year Awards, presented by Cloud Computing magazine.

By: CustomerZone360 News | 6/9/2020

With The Explosion in Remote Working, Verizon's Annual DBIR Is More Interesting Than Ever
We look forward to Verizon's increasingly epic Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) each year, because each year the reports go deeper and spot ne…

By: Arti Loftus | 6/2/2020

Operator Clouds: Safeguard Memories, Grow Revenue and Build Loyalty
Offering additional cloud storage isn't just for companies like Apple or Google. The fact is that telecom operators have distinct advantages over thes…

By: Special Guest | 5/15/2020

WISER Systems and TagoIO to Demonstrate Real-Time Asset Tracking and Data Analytics as Part of Sensors Daily Webinar Series
North Carolina-based, WISER Systems, a leading provider for innovative ultra-wideband wireless systems, will combine with their partner and user manag…

By: Arti Loftus | 5/7/2020

Cloud Computing Magazine Announces Winners of 2019 Backup and Disaster Recovery Awards
TMC announced the recipients of the 2019 Backup and Disaster Recovery Awards, presented by Cloud Computing magazine.

By: CustomerZone360 News | 5/7/2020

Security in a Multi-cloud Environment
As companies leverage a multi-cloud strategy to improve IT operations and provide better services to their customers, they can't afford to overlook th…

By: Special Guest | 5/4/2020

Making Sense of Azure Storage: Which Service Should You Choose?
Azure Storage is a cloud storage service provided by Microsoft. It provides a secure, highly available, redundant and scalable cloud storage. Azure st…

By: Special Guest | 5/4/2020

Moving Communications to the Cloud to Support Remote Workers Opens Enterprises to Serious Security Threats
We asked Michael Fritzlo, Executive Chairman of Ironsphere, a secure access management software company based in the NYC metro area (the one hit harde…

By: Arti Loftus | 5/4/2020

How the Cloud has Made Remote Work During Coronavirus Far More Efficient
Automated billing for software as a service business or SAAS to help improve efficiency. With all of the online payment options available, invoicing h…

By: Special Guest | 4/22/2020